Madina West Imam urge Muslims to embraced values of compassion, tolerance

By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha || Contributor
Social News Madina West Imam urge Muslims to embraced values of compassion, tolerance

The Chief Imam of Madina West and its environs in the Greater Accra Region, Sheikh Selman Mohammed Alhasan has urged Muslims especially the youth to uphold the teachings of Islam as a religion of peace in order to promote harmony in diversity towards other religious faith in the Country.

The Madina West Chief Imam said this at the 2024 Eid'l Fitr prayers where he extended his warmest greetings to Muslims across the world.

He encouraged Muslims to celebrate Eid’l Fitr with respect, understanding, and unity and embraced the values of compassion, tolerance, and solidarity.

He urged all Muslims to come together to promote harmony and goodwill in society especially during the upcoming general elections.

Imam Selman Alhasan further urged the youth to uphold the spirit of Ramadan and Eid’l Fitr by fostering peace and unity among all members of their communities.

According to him, Ramadan is only a month but the other months are many, therefore there is the need for all Muslims to equally respect and abstain from bad deeds and continue with the good practices exhibited during the month of Ramadan.

He added that if one could abstain from bad practices during Ramadan it would be easy to as well practice same during other months.

The Madina West lmam also used the occasion to call on all political party leaders in the country to desist from any form of politics of insults and rather campaign on issues that will bring peace.

He urged political party leaders to campaign on their policies and achievements as well as what they will do to better the lives of Ghanaians.

According to him, the 2024 elections will not be a contest of who is stronger than the other but rather who has a strong campaign message and vision that will bring hope and better the lives of the people.

On his part, the Zongo Chief of Madina West, Sarki Ali Abdullai Dagadu appealed to Zongo youth to desist from any act of violence and become ambassadors of peace before, during and after the 2024 general elections.

He revealed that gone are the days when Zongo youth were used as tools for violence during elections adding that with the help of fellow Zongo Chiefs and Imams from the various Zongo communities the youth have seen the need to desist from political violence.

Sarki Ali Abdullai Dagadu used the occasion to pray for a successful and peaceful election come December 7, 2024.