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'We support Francis Xavier Sosu's Disability Bill but...' — Disability Group

By Theodore Mawuli Viwotor || Contributor
'We support Francis Xavier Sosu's  Disability Bill but...' — Disability Group

President and Founder of More Hope for Disabled Foundation, Mr. Odey Mensah, has expressed support for the Disability Bill being pushed by MP for Madina, Francis Xavier Sosu.

In a statement in support of the initiative currently under consideration, Mr. Odey Mensah opined that the bill, if passed, would create employment opportunities for marginalised Persons With Disability (PWDs) with the requisite education background to fit into mainstream government institutions.

"It is a bill that would surely create opportunities for deserving PWDs who face perceived discrimination as a result of their disability. It would also encourage them to strive for the rightful education and skills to qualify them for such positions, knowing that there are guaranteed job openings for them," Mr. Mensah emphasized.

However, the profesional leather worker and shoe maker, believes the opportunity shouldn't be limited to government institutions alone but some considerations should be given to those with some other skills such as shoe makers, dressmakers and designers, who are in the private sector.

He wants the bill to include a proposal he made in October, 2019, calling for the dedication of 20% of government or civil contracts to PWDs.

"This bill by the MP (Francis Xavier Sosu) reinforces that appeal I made a few years ago and I want to make the appeal again that, government contracts should make provisions for 20% allocation to PWDs," he reiterated.

He is of the view that PWDs cannot effectively and fairly compete with others in getting opportunities that would make life easier for them. "That is the essence of the bill being proposed. You can't run and leave PWDs behind; it is unfair", he re-echoed.

Mr. Odey Mensah had in 2019 made an appeal for government to formulate and implement a policy that would give a special place for PWDs on government and civil contracts.

The Teshie Tsui Bleo-based leather worker remains hopeful this will become a reality soon. "Imagine PWDs getting guaranteed contracts from school sandal or uniform contracts every year. The begging mentality would certainly reduce if not vanish completely. I am hopeful this will be a reality soon."