ADL and Other Zionist Groups Have No Business Dragging Minister Farrakhan into the Netanyahu Genocide in Gaza

Feature Article ADL and Other Zionist Groups Have No Business Dragging Minister Farrakhan into the Netanyahu Genocide in Gaza
APR 2, 2024 LISTEN

He is presently 90 years old and steadily inching towards 91 years old, that is, if he is not already 91 years old. Which means that irrespective of how and what his most ardent political opponents and inveterate detractors think of and about him, the incontrovertible fact of the matter remains that Nation of Islam Leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, is an African American man who has been richly blessed by Allah/God or Divine Providence with longevity and great sociopolitical influence. Most Americans and people, the world over, do not live to be even 70 years old, the average Judeo-Christian maximum. I suppose for Muslims as well.

So, this most progressive firebrand Black Muslim Pan-Africanist Leader deserves to be allowed to live the twilight of his life in peace and quiet, and not be unnecessarily and arbitrarily drawn into the Neo-Nazi type of Genocidal Activities or Incursion launched by Israel’s globally infamous and politically predatory Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, under the spurious pretext and guise of Israeli National Self-Defense (See “The Strange Silence of Louis Farrakhan on Israel-Hamas War” Newsweek 11/17/23).

As this writer vividly recalls, in either the late 1990s or the early 2000s, the Chicago-based successor of the legendary Nation of Islam Founder and Leader Minister Elijah Muhammad – the latter was actually the Second Leader of the NOI, as the Nation of Islam is also popularly known and called – Minister Louis Farrakhan, was widely reported by the media to be fiercely battling what at the time appeared to be terminal cancer. We are quite certain that there were a lot of the inveterate and the visceral enemies of the Afro-Barbadian Minister Farrakhan who had fervently hoped and prayed that the proud and heroic Pan-Africanist and passionately Afrocentric Leader would perish and, in effect, be permanently removed from the scene, as it were.

Unfortunately for his legion enemies and detractors, such morbid death-wish was not to be. At 90 or 91 years old, the dapper and caramel-complected Minister Louis Farrakhan is almost old enough to have fathered the puffy-faced Prime Minister Netanyahu. So, it is rather disrespectful for this highly controversial, albeit well-respected and even venerated, nonagenarian to be so rudely brought down or cynically drawn into the politically predatory and strikingly and eerily Hitlerite genocidal campaign against the Palestinian-Arab indigenes on the Gaza Strip, all in the specious name of Israeli national self-defense.

Forcibly occupying alien lands in the Judeo-Biblical – or is Toranic? – name of The Return Mythology is absolutely no justification for the barbaric kind of massive human slaughter that is currently taking place in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip and, to a lesser degree, the West Bank, with the full and the morally and the politically unconscionable complicity of the leadership of the United States of America and the White-Supremacist collaboration of the NATO Allies, so-called.

In short, any strategically devious and/or disingenuous attempt to strictly connect this Pan-Africanist revolutionary and a fierce fighter for the Human and the Civil Rights of Global African People uniquely or exclusively to the Neoliberal US Democratic Party (The Donkey Party), as the author of the afore-referenced news article, by the name of Andrew Stanton, stridently and strenuously attempts to do, does absolutely nothing to redeem or absolve the historically coequal complicity of the even far more predatory and racist leadership of the US Republican Party (The Elephant Party), a group that was even more criminally complicit in the wanton and wholesale enslavement, degradation and the wanton exploitation and the unspeakable destruction of the Global African People and Humanity. We, of course, fully recognize the contextually far more complex and nuanced allusion to history here.

If anything at all, contrary to what Mr. Stanton would have his readers believe, it is actually the leadership of the former President Donald John Trump-led Neo-Nazi Republican Party who ought to be more worried about any negative or morally condemnatory pronouncements that are likely to be made by Minister Farrakhan who, by the way, does not find the leadership of the Donkey Party any more significantly different from their Republican Party counterparts, except marginally and the relative degree of depravity, who ought to be thankful for the apparent strategic quietude of Mr. Farrakhan.

You see, it is the African American whose despicable treatment hereabouts in the Sovereign Democratic Republic of the United States of America and, by extension, the Continental African, whose plight is as American as Applepie, as the common saying goes. The relatively recent Jewish American Arrivant is primarily and fundamentally the problem of Western and Central Europe, as the late distinguished Pan-Africanist African American scholar, Prof. John Henrik Clarke, was widely known to say. Thus, mischievously attempting to make Antisemitism a bona fide American Problem is not only grossly misguided and unpardonably disingenuous, it is also a morally pernicious attempt to doubly victimize and alienate the African-Descended American from the fruits and the benefits of this vast postcolonial empire of which S/He is more deeply connected by spirit, soul, sweat and blood than any other son and/or daughter of the soil, with the incontrovertible exception of the Native American.

In short, Anti-African Racism is that which is far more deserving of being made a national issue of in the watershed runup to America’s 2024 General Election, not Antisemitism, a relatively recent European Contraband Importation. We will not be facilely erased from the apex of the ongoing discourse on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to make way for any far less deserving double-dipping race and culture of brazen and self-entitled freeloaders, for want of a more appropriate terminology.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of English
SUNY-Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York
March 28, 2024
E-mail: [email protected]