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Joe Wise proposes ‘funeral tourism’ as unconventional boost for Ghana’s tourism industry

Joe Wise proposes funeral tourism as unconventional boost for Ghanas tourism industry

Joseph Osei-Owusu, the Chairman of the Appointments Committee of Parliament, has suggested an unconventional approach to boost tourism in Ghana.

During the confirmation hearing for Andrew Egyapa Mercer, the Minister Designate for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Osei-Owusu proposed "funeral tourism" as a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Osei-Owusu highlighted the significant role funerals play in the Akan culture, emphasizing their potential economic impact on local businesses.

He urged Mercer to delve into the data concerning hotels in the Akan enclave, particularly focusing on lodging rates during funeral events.

"Funerals represent a profitable business opportunity that many often overlook," remarked Osei-Owusu. "For those of us in the Akan areas, the only time family members contribute to anything, bearing all costs together, is during funerals. If we are talking about tourism, I would recommend that you look at funeral tourism and encourage investment in that."

The Chairman emphasized that many small communities have witnessed the growth of hotels and guest houses due to the demand generated by funerals.

"If you take away funerals, there will be no businesses. So, I urge you to look at that. See how you can leverage that to attach other activities to it. I urge you to look at that and encourage more people to invest in it," Osei-Owusu concluded during the hearing.

The unconventional proposal has sparked a debate among parliamentarians and the public, with opinions divided on whether funeral tourism could be a viable and ethical avenue for tourism development in Ghana.

As the confirmation hearings continue, it remains to be seen how the Minister Designate will respond to Osei-Owusu's unique proposition.

Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah
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