An open letter to Dr. Damba, NDC PC for Tolon

By Beyom Dapal Sulley
Letter Dr. Damba
FEB 23, 2024 LISTEN
Dr. Damba

Dear Dr. Damba,
Greetings from Beyom Dapal Sulley, a brother from Nyankpala and a concerned native of the Tolon constituency. I hope this letter finds you well, amidst the excitement and anticipation surrounding your intention to contest for the parliamentary seat currently held by the esteemed Hon. Habib Iddrisu.

Nbeli, let me get straight to the point, I'm sure you have seen the fantastic work Hon. Habib has been doing in our constituency. The man is practically a one-man show of development! From scholarships for students to connecting communities to the national grid, building schools, health facilities, and securing jobs for the youth - Hon. Habib seems to have it all covered like a well-seasoned chicken in a pot of soup.

It is evident that Hon. Habib has been a source of joy and development for the people of Tolon. He seems to have sprinkled Development in the constituency with goodies like confetti at a celebration. Infact let me stress that securing jobs for the youth is no small feat; it's almost as impressive as finding a needle in a haystack, but Hon. Habib is doing all this.

I must say, the good people of Tolon are quite content with the goodies Hon. Habib has been spreading around. We are practically living in the lap of luxury (well, maybe not that luxurious, but you get the idea).

Nbeli, I know you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm judging from the fact that you are from Nyankpala, but think about the cost! Campaigns can be quite draining - both financially and emotionally. Why not save yourself the trouble and save a few coins in the process? I mean, have you seen the price involved in servicing party activities in this century? It's no joke! Commitment levels of party people are draining by the day and you might have to pay for almost every service.

So, my dear Dr. Damba, as a brother from Nyankpala, I urge you to reconsider your plans or maybe tone down the enthusiasm just a tad. Let the good times roll under Hon. Habib's watch while you kick back and relax (maybe with a nice plate of fried chicken from one of the local vendors).

As much as the people of Tolon appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to public service, maybe it's time to take a step back and reassess the situation. Tolon is currently soaring on the wings of Habib's accomplishments, much like a well-fed chicken in a poultry farm. Perhaps, instead of going head-to-head, you could consider redirecting your energy to other equally pressing matters. Think of it as saving your energy for a rainy day, or in this case, for a future opportunity where your candidacy might be more beneficial.

Tolon is a place of harmony and progress under the leadership of Hon. Habib, and disrupting the status quo might ruffle some feathers. So, as you ponder your next move, remember the old saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The people are content!

My regards to your solid Team, led by my Uncle, Chairman Adam Gung!

My regards to the birthday boy(Mustapha, Ag. CO)!

Yours sincerely,
Beyom Dapal Sulley
(A Concerned Native of Tolon)