Obstinate, Excessively Toxic

By Daily Guide
Editorial Fifi Kwetey
FEB 22, 2024 LISTEN
Fifi Kwetey

Fifi Kwetey has refused to learn any lessons from his bitter experience in 2009.

He is just behaving like the monkey which despite the dangers around it decides to, “see nothing, and hear nothing.”

That is why he keeps preaching ethnocentric sentiments in a country united in purpose through inter-marriages, old boys and old girls alliance, working relations and religious affiliations.

For Fifi Kwetey to describe some people in the Volta Region affiliated to the NPP only makes him a tribal bigot wanting to exploit ethnicity for political gain. Quite strangely, he still believes Dr. Bawumia cannot be President because he comes from the North. You see, Fifi Kwetey in this day and age holds the colonial mentality that the people from the North are only drawers of water and hewers of wood and in other words are just good to serve as cheap labour.

Fifi Kwetey exhibits the distinguishing characteristics of the NDC as a people who are consistently inconsistent.

While Fifi Kwetey the Prince worships John Mahama like God, although he is also from the North, he thinks nobody else from that part of the country qualifies to be President.

If his leader failed woefully when was President from 2012 to 2016, it had nothing to do with where he hailed from but just because he had no vision for the country and he lived up to his own testimonial in his book, “My First Coup d’etat” in which he indicated his biggest problem in life “Indecisiveness.”

Again, Fifi the Prince is backing the NDC flagbearer, who failed the nation and inflicted 'dumsor' on us for over four years to become President again as against Vice President Bawumia, “the Man of the Moment”, “the Man of Destiny” and with a vision to lead the country to the digital economy age.

We think Ghanaians are not angry enough against Fifi Kwetey and the NDC as well as its leader who are pitting the North against the South.

Let us as a people resist them and send clear signals to the NDC that we cherish the unity in diversity that the country has enjoyed since independence. The NDC cannot break that foundation built over the years on the political platform and especially because the NDC is on a rescue mission.

And to people like Fifi Kwetey, it does not matter how they wrest power from the NPP. That is why they would lie to the people, and fail to put to them workable alternatives but rather threaten the future of a very fundamental pro-poor policy like free SHS with nothing, not even a dream.

The 24-hour economy advocates have no dream because in 24 hours they stay awake doing nothing. If even the NDC plans anything, it would be a venture best described as organised waste of time.

Majority of the people we look up to have characteristics of white sepulchres. And they are also wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And is anybody surprised that Alan Kyerematen and his Butterfly Movement are flirting with the NDC in Ashanti.

Nobody is claiming this, other than a group in NDC calling itself Social Democratic Forum, that is warning its leaders to desist from spending money on the Butterfly Movement.

Again, we have alerted the Vice President’s team to watch the NDC and Alan Kyerematen in the Ashanti Region, whose agenda is to be spoilers to prevent the goal of 'breaking the eight'.

The communication team must hit the ground running to shoot down their propaganda led by Sammy Gyamfi and Fifi Kwetey, so that they cannot prevent the good news about free SHS and the digital economy.