Dr. Bawumia Has Spoken!

Feature Article Dr. Bawumia Has Spoken!
FEB 12, 2024 LISTEN

“Together, we can succeed in building a progressive society of possibilities, enterprise, compassion, open opportunities and shared prosperity for every Ghanaian, born rich or poor, born in the north or the south, born Christian or Muslim, born girl or boy.”

Those are the words of the current Vice President of Asomdwekrom and the flagbearer of the Great Elephant. He outlined his vision for the country during his first public lecture to the nation since he was elected flagbearer. The lecture has generated a lot of discussions in the main stream and social media.

One thing his clear, the speech from the Vice President has truly gone under the skin of Zu-za and they have become jittery. Dr. Bawumia spoke for just under 2 hours and yet he managed to outline cogent, clear and specific policies under 20 major pillars as a path towards the next chapter of Asomdwekrom's development.

On the other hand, President Ogwanfunu has been campaigning since May 2023 but has not been able to clearly state what his solutions are for the future of this country. He continues to give piece-meal solutions to problems, including singing sweet songs into the ears of his compatriots. Is it any wonder that he even proffered a solution to the Black Stars’ dipping performances, when he was the one who orchestrated the flying of $3 million from Asomdwekrom to Brazil?

President Ogwanfunu came to us in 2012 with his usual lies and sweet talk and basically told us how he was a spare driver and needed the country to make him the main driver. He had the brightest opportunity with one of the most buoyant economies and messed it up. For the four years plus six months of his presidency, each of the country’s indicators got worst, at a time where there was no global crisis. Pure incompetency!

Isn’t it ironic that Zu-za is asking us to give the country to a spare driver who asked for the chance to be the main driver, got it and crashed us, but is telling us to deny another spare driver who never got the chance to become the main driver? I just can’t think far!

Thanks to the Bearded Old Man above, our compatriots are excited about Dr. Bawumia's proposition, which include the introduction of a flat tax regime, scrapping the E-Levy, and empowering the private sector to stimulate economic growth.

The proposed flat rate tax on spare parts has received favourable reaction from the Spare Parts Dealers Association. They said the policy will significantly reduce the cost of spare parts, and provide the much-needed relief to commercial drivers who routinely factor these expenses into transport fares, which will in turn alleviate additional burdens on the commuting public.

The Association has thus expressed its gratitude to Dr. Bawumia for his foresight and commitment to the welfare of the spare parts sector, and look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this policy on their industry and the nation as a whole.

The executive secretary of the Public Servants' Housing Loan Scheme Board, Richard Asante Yeboah, also said Dr. Bawumia understands what needs to be done to transform this country; all must support and vote for him to carry everybody along the path of transformation. “I will give 9.5 over 10 because I'm looking at the clarity of thought and the way he articulated the vision,” he added.

Same sentiments were echoed by Dr. Frank Bannor, a development economist. Dr. Bannor said in terms of trying to relax some taxes and create a level playing field, that was clearly a thinking outside-the-box idea. He added that he would give Dr Bawumia a score of 80%.

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) also said Dr Bawumia had a very persuasive and laid out plan to help him attain his 2025 vision. The Association bought into his vision because they saw an empirical plan for its execution, unlike that of the honeymoon-seeking candidate.

Relevant stakeholders are all excited because they see light at the end of the tunnel with Dr. Bawumia in the saddle. Zu-za can rant and continue to engage in theatrics and propaganda. They can delude themselves into believing the December 2024 election is a done deal. Like the proverbial goat, it is only when they find the knife on their neck that they will scream ‘TRAGEDY’.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!