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‘Akpeteshie prices go up due to recent taxes — Beverage Consumers and Owners Association of Ghana

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The prices of locally-produced gin in Ghana are set to increase in the coming days, according to the Beverage Consumers and Bar Owners Association of Ghana.

In a statement, the association - also known as the Ghana Drunkards Association - said the price hikes were necessary to help bar and restaurant owners adjust to new taxes imposed on alcoholic beverages by the government.

"Following the recent taxes imposed on both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we the beverage consumers and bar owners of Ghana association upon several meeting with our cabinet members across Ghana have decided to increase the retail prices of our locally produced gin (akpeteshi, apio or ogogoro) to enable bar owners trade effectively with the manufacturers or the local distillers," said association president Moses Onyah.

The new minimum prices per tot (local measure) will be:

- Akpeteshi (raw) - GH₵3, up from GH₵2.50
- Mahogany - GH₵4, up from GH₵3
- Kraman kote - GH₵4, up from GH₵3
- Yellow - GH₵4, up from GH₵3
Mr. Onyah added that the association's 16.65 million members "will cooperate with all bartenders to ensure sanity in the various pubs, spots or restaurants."


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Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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