An Open Letter To The Mp For Tolon, Habib Iddrisu

Letter An Open Letter To The Mp For Tolon, Habib Iddrisu
FEB 6, 2024 LISTEN

Dear Soyalana,
Inspired by Jim Trinka and Les Wallace' quote; "Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas",

I am writing this open letter to you as a naitive of the Tolon constituency(Born and raised in Nyankpala with Patrilineal traces to Dimabi and Tibognaayili and Matrilineal traces to Kasuliyili Zali and Kpanyili) to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your outstanding efforts and dedicated service to the people of the Tolon constituency over the past three years.

I hope this letter befriends your eyes in good.

Your unwavering commitment to your constituents has truly made a positive impact on the lives of many individuals in our community.

Your relentless pursuit of progress and development has resulted in the provision of essential resources such as jobs, portable drinking water, healthcare facilities, and educational support, have significantly improved the quality of life for many residents in our dear Comstituency. Your leadership and dedication are truly commendable, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

These actions have not only addressed immediate needs but have also laid the groundwork for long-term prosperity and improved quality of life for the residents of Tolon.

I call you "Leader" because I agree to -- John Quincy Adam's quote that "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

Your steadfast leadership and vision have been a source of inspiration for many, and I urge you to continue your earnest efforts to retain your position as the Member of Parliament for Tolon. Your track record of accomplishments and genuine concern for the well-being of the community make you a valuable representative.

Your continued service as a member of Parliament is crucial for the sustained growth and advancement of Tolon. I want to encourage you to persevere in your endeavors and to remain steadfast in your commitment to our communities. Your hard work and dedication have brought about positive change, and I believe that retaining your position will further advance the progress that has already been initiated.

As you continue your journey as our Member of Parliament, I want to encourage you to persevere and do your utmost to retain your position. Your leadership has been invaluable, and I believe that your continued presence in office will ensure the progress and betterment of our community

I urge you to continue prioritizing the welfare of our constituents and to focus on initiatives that will enhance the livelihoods of the people of Tolon. Your vision and determination are essential for the continued prosperity of our region, and I have full confidence in your ability to lead us toward a brighter future.

As you consider the upcoming elections, please know that majority of your constituents stand behind you and value the tireless work you have done to uplift our constituency. I believe in your capabilities and are hopeful that you will emerge successful once again.

Thank you once more for your dedicated service, and I look forward to witnessing the positive impact that your continued leadership will bring to Tolon in the years to come.

My regards to the Impregnable Team making this happen!

(Dimabi, Kasuliyili Zali, Nyankpala, Tibognaayili, Kpanyili)