A New Dawn – NDC UK/Ireland Chapter Inaugurates Medway-Kent Branch: Strengthening Local Presence for a Better Future

Diaspora (UK & Ireland) A New Dawn – NDC UKIreland Chapter Inaugurates Medway-Kent Branch: Strengthening Local Presence for a Better Future
JAN 30, 2024 LISTEN

Medway - Kent Saturday 27th January 2024 - In a momentous event that resonated with enthusiasm and political passion, the NDC UK and Ireland Chapter inaugurated its new branch in the city of Medway within the heart of Kent County on Saturday 27th January 2024.

The inauguration ceremony was well attended by party national executives from Accra Ghana namely, Hon. Kwame Governs Agbodza (MP For Adaklu, Minority Chief Whip), Hon. Barbara Asamoah - Deputy General Secretary - Administration, Hon. Mustapha Gbande – Deputy General Secretary - Operations, Hon. Mavis Kuukua Bissue - PC Ahanta West, Hon. Cecilia Asaga - National Executive and Chief Hamilton Biney - Former Deputy National Organiser. The event was hosted by the UK and Ireland Chapter Chairman Conrad Dumbah. Executives and members marked a significant step in the party's commitment to grassroots engagement and community representation both in Ghana and the diaspora.

The newly established branch, strategically located at Medway-Kent, serves as a testament to National Democratic Congress dedication to strengthening its presence at the local level in the diaspora. The ceremony was attended by a diverse group of supporters and members of existing branches across the United Kingdom, symbolizing the inclusivity that the party aims to foster within the diaspora communities which also shows that the NDC is indeed the most attractive political party in Ghana.

The Chairman of the occasion, Hon Kwame Governs Agbodza (MP for Adaklu), in his inaugural address, emphasized the historic importance of NDC UK and Ireland Chapter to the mother party in Ghana. He encouraged the executives of the Chapter to continue playing a leading role in putting out articles, press releases and media events to highlight the dire situation in Ghana. He also emphasized the role the UK and Ireland Chapter can play in providing logistics for the party in the upcoming 7th December 2024 general election.

Hon. Kwane Agbodza also touched on proposals from the EC including the proposals on use of indelible ink and closing of polls at 3pm. He emphasised that such proposals will not be entertained or tolerated by the NDC. He added that the constitution of Ghana mandates Ghanaians to protect the constitution by ensuring a free and fair ballot in December. He encouraged those who might not be able to travel to Ghana to vote in December to influence their families to ensure their vote preferences count and the NDC wins an emphatic victory. He further stated the NDC is the hope and beacon for Ghanaians, and it's that hope that has kept Ghana together until now. He beseeched the chapter executives to ensure unity and love become the blood that runs in the Chapter and follow the exemplary leadership of the flagbearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama, as a unifier.

He also underscored the importance of training and orientation for the newly elected executives of the Medway-Kent Branch. He indicated that the NDC party in Ghana stretches beyond Accra and underscored the need for party members in the diaspora to visit their local branches and constituencies whenever they were in Ghana.

The Chapter Chairman, Conrad Dumbah, inaugurated the branch and seized the opportunity to address the importance of continuity in leadership and development as a trademark of the NDC. He praised his predecessor who started the good work and the current administration for building on the foundations to ensure the Medway-Kent branch was inaugurated. He also announced that there were 14 branches in the pipeline for inauguration across the UK and Ireland Chapter. He mentioned the importance of leadership, transparency, and structured systems of working to achieve progress within the Chapter. He praised the new Medway-Kent branch executives for working tirelessly to meet all the requirements for inauguration. He ended his address in stating that “Everyone in their lifetime has one purpose; and that is to bring forth and reproduce something that outlasts them as a legacy, be it an idea, achievement, or offspring. Whatever we do in life, its only useful if we leave something positive behind for posterity”. In that vein, he advised the new Medway-Kent branch to spread its tentacles in the county and sponsor the setup of more branches within Kent County.

Chairman Conrad also announced that, under his branch expansion programme, another new branch will be inaugurated in Leicester on 24th February 2024. He thanked members for supporting the Medway-Kent branch and asked for their continued support for the Chapter executives in their quest to inaugurate the 14 new branches in the pipeline and assured members of his unflinching determination to grow the party and Chapter within the UK and Ireland.

Barbara Asamoah, the Deputy National Secretary for Administration, led the swearing-in of the elected executives of the newly inaugurated Medway-Kent branch. She advised the new executives on the importance of following, adhering to, and respecting party hierarchy. She entreated all executives to always remember that “an executive position within the NDC is not possession, but voluntary service”.

The chairlady of the newly inaugurated Medway-Kent branch, Madama Naa Momo Lartey outlined the objectives of her administration and highlighted key initiatives and collaborative projects and programs that the branch will undertake. Supporters and party members expressed their excitement about the new Chapter in the party's journey in the United Kingdom.

Madam Cecelia Asaga, a member of the NDC National Executive Committee, touched on the importance of recruiting new members into the party and called for more branches to be established in all major cities and towns in the UK.

Chief Hamilton Biney, Former Deputy National Organiser, advised the entire Chapter to refrain from a self-centered attitude and rather follow the footsteps of the president John Dramani Mahama's selfless attitude. He mentioned the importance of the NDC constitution to the newly elected executives of the branch and urged them to ensure their recruitment drive is effective in the County.

Mustapha Gbande, the Deputy General Secretary for Operations also emphasised the importance of being truthful to ourselves as executives and members to ensure the smooth running of operations in the Chapter. He encouraged the Chapter leadership to assist the mother party back home in Ghana to win the forthcoming 2024 election. He reminded the UK and Ireland Chapter of the talented leaders it has produced for the mother party who now lead the party in parliament. He cited the Hon. Ato Forson, Minority Leader, and the Hon, Kwame Agbodza, Minority Chief Whip, as two examples of accomplished UK and Ireland Chapter members who now play a pivotal role in the party in Ghana.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with socialisation and merrymaking among members and sympathisers in attendance.

The NDC UK and Ireland Chapter embarks on its ambitious agenda to take the party to all Ghanaians in the UK through the inauguration of many more branches in the country. The current Chapter executives were sworn into office on 7th October 2023 and the Medway- Kent branch is the first branch they have inaugurated. The inauguration day of the Medway-Kent branch also marked the 110th day in office of the new Chapter executives and this signifies the intent and commitment of the new Chapter executives to expanding the frontiers of the party in the UK. The new branch stands as a symbol of the National Democratic Congress's dedication to building a better future for the people in Ghana by also strengthening its diaspora presence.

Owusu Achiaw –
NDC UK/Ireland Chapter
Communication Officer

Fiifi Mparey –
NDC UK/Ireland Chapter
Deputy Communication Office