Setting the record straight: Unmasking the false narratives on Mahama's leadership

By NDC German Chapter
Press Release Setting the record straight: Unmasking the false narratives on Mahama's leadership
JAN 15, 2024 LISTEN

The press release issued by the NPP Germany branch titled "Mahama is incompetent, a sore loser; he should show us a single factory he built as president” has caught the attention of the youth wing of the NDC Germany Dachverband e.V. and we feel compelled to respond to it to set the records straight.

It is truly disheartening that even after seven years, the NPP government is still stuck in the blame game, pointing fingers at the past administration rather than taking responsibility for the current challenges faced by the nation. This constant deflection of blame reflects not only a lack of accountability but also a disregard for the urgent needs of Ghanaians.

Contrary to the assertions of the press release, we vehemently reject the notion that former President, John Mahama is incompetent. His leadership during tumultuous times demonstrated not only a capacity for decisive action but also a commitment to solving problems rather than passing the buck. When confronted with the energy crisis, President Mahama took ownership of the issue and implemented measures that ensured Ghanaians had access to power before the end of his term—an act of decisive leadership, not incompetence. Additionally, all the projections of Ghana’s economic trajectory according to every reputable organization were very positive by the time he handed over power.

Accusing President John Mahama of being a sore loser is not only baseless but also a deliberate attempt to misconstrue the facts. In exercising his democratic rights, President John Mahama challenged election results through legal means, demonstrating respect for the rule of law—a stark contrast to the unsubstantiated claims made in the press release.

The assertion that President John Mahama did not build a single factory is not only false but a gross misrepresentation of reality. The Komenda Sugar Factory, Ghana National Gas Company, Buipe Shea Nut Factory, among others, are tangible examples of projects initiated under President John Mahama's administration. These ventures were part of a comprehensive industrialization plan aimed at generating employment and fostering economic growth.

It is paradoxical that the NPP government now dismisses the power generation initiated under President John Mahama which was deliberately designed to be the anchor of Ghana’s industrialization as excess capacity. This myopic perspective overlooks the strategic vision for industrialization and job creation, placing blame where it is not due.

As we move into the campaign season for this year’s national elections, we call on everyone and the NPP in particular to depart from the blame game and rather focus on politics of ideas such the proposed 24-hour economy of President John Mahama of the NDC. There should be a collective commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing Ghana today. We call on Ghanaians not to fall for the politics of deceit of the NPP but rather entrust their faith in President John Mahama, the only person who has shown true commitment to building the Ghana we all want and deserve.

Maxwell Nartey
Germany Chapter Youth Organizer