Sun, 31 Dec 2023 Special Report

GUMGUMM_ is the golden key to a New Kusaug

By Michael Kalley-Dotse

Explained :

See what LOVE can do from the Male :
Kusaa married Bimoba;
Kusaa married Moshie;
Kusaa married Busanga;
Kusaa married 
Kusaa married 
Kusaa married Mamprusi;
Kusaa married Gonja!
Kusaa married 
Kusaa married 
Kusaa married Komkomba;
Kusaa married Nanumba;
Kusaa married Dagomba;
Kusaa married
Kusaa married any other tribe-

Beget a Kusaa

From a Woman's womb is a blood related Kusaa.

Settlers in Kusaug are brethren blessed with inter-marriages and still counting.

From two or more generational lines of blood relation are seemingly identical.

Surely, one may have to pause a minute and reflect on these:

1-My biological mom is from an ethnic group, 
likewise my biological dad.
2-What tribe is my wife?
3-What tribe is my husband?
4-My sis/bro(s) are also tied to different ethnic groups in marriages,
5- Reflectively on my village compound are visibility of women from varied ethnic roots narrowed to one family.
6-Interwoven relationships of people with different ethnic backgrounds have emerged with created families being close or distant.

GUMGUMM is therefore, an anthropological organism to help rejuvenate the spirit of  peaceful co-existence of different ethnic groups hinged on a purposeful duty of care for one another, where people can happily move around and pursue their daily activities in Kusaug .

GUMGUMM is guided by the ethical conduct of: 
Honesty, Trustworthiness, Transparency, Accountability, Objectivity,
Respect and an emphatic 
Obedience of the LAWS of our sovereign Republic as all the above constitute the moral compass towards positive outcomes.

GUMGUMM is in a humble beginning to greatness.
GUMGUMM is again beyond personas to collectivism.
GUMGUMM again is the Inclusiveness of cultural diversity.  
GUMGUMM again is for rural socio-economic development/ individual economic empowerment.
GUMGUMM again is for peace, co-existence, harmony, brotherliness and utmost respect for LAW/ORDER.
GUMGUMM says underdevelopment, poverty and misery must give way to human joy/happiness in our communities.
GUMGUMM is the golden key to a New Kusaug.

The magnetic force/foresight of GUMGUMM is all about creating an enabling environment for investors, job creation, youth employment and many more.



-Benjamin Anyagre Aziigina'ataeg-
General Secretary,
Ghana China Friendship Association.