Lithium deal: Local businesses if granted license would give Ghana 90% benefit; better than the 10% — Charles Owusu 

Social News Lithium deal: Local businesses if granted license would give Ghana 90 benefit; better than the 10 —Charles Owusu
DEC 10, 2023 LISTEN

Charles Owusu has lauded the government for its strategic negotiation in the lithium mining deal, expressing satisfaction with the 10% royalties secured for the country.

The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor, recently disclosed the details of the mining agreement between the government and Barari DV Ltd, a subsidiary of Atlantic Lithium Ltd. According to the Minister, the deal guarantees Ghana a 10% royalty, a milestone that sets it apart from previous mining leases.

He emphasized that this percentage is among the highest globally for the mining of any mineral.

During the "Kokrokoo" morning show on Peace FM, Charles Owusu shared his sentiments regarding the State's involvement in lithium mining at Ewoyaa in the Central Region.

He commended the government's efforts in securing royalties from the deal, which he sees as a crucial step in maximizing the benefits of the country's natural resources.

However, Owusu called on the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to prioritize Ghanaian-owned companies in the mining sector.

He argued that granting licenses to local businesses would result in a more substantial contribution to the national economy, stating, "it will not only be 10% that will come to Ghana but 90 percent."

Expressing concern about the challenges faced by Ghanaian-owned companies in obtaining necessary documents for resource exploitation, Owusu urged the Ministry to address these disparities.

He emphasized the need to empower local businesses and create a level playing field, allowing them to participate actively in the country's mining sector.

"It is time to allow Ghanaians to participate in everything the nation has, and if there is something of value in it that can benefit the nation, we will reap the benefits," Charles Owusu appealed to the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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