VIDEO: North Korea's President in uncontrollable tears begging women to have more babies

Asia Pacific North Korean President Kim Jong-un
North Korean President Kim Jong-un

North Korea's President Kim Jong-un broke down in tears pleading with mothers to help tackle the country's declining birth rate.

Footage from the speech Kim delivered at a National Mothers' Meeting in Pyongyang on Sunday, December 3, shows the President growing visibly distraught as he addressed thousands of women.

"Dear mothers, preventing a decline in birth rates and good childcare are all housekeeping duties we need to handle while working with mothers," Kim began, his voice trembling.

He emphasises the importance of raising more children "to steadfastly carry forward our revolution" and establishing "a sound way of cultural and moral life."

Kim also stressed the need to "stop the declining birth rate, and take good care of children and educate them effectively."

As his speech continued, Kim tried controlling his tears until he could no longer hold them back.

Wiping his eyes, President Kim also thanked the mothers for their sacrifices and passionately urged them to have more children.

"These belong to our common family affairs, which we need to deal with by joining hands with our mothers," a visibly emotional Kim said in tears.

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