Regimanuel Gray reveals Satellite City Project, featuring 17,000 homes near East Legon Hills

  Sun, 26 Nov 2023
Business Features The 1st of 10 Communities at Regimanuel Satellite City
The 1st of 10 Communities at Regimanuel Satellite City

Regimanuel Gray Ltd (RGL), is bent on continuing its landmark impact on the housing landscape with its new Satellite City development near East Legon Hills in Accra. The project, spearheaded by Mrs Regina Botchwey, RGL's Group Vice Chairman, is poised to deliver 17,000 homes across 10 Communities including a light industrial enclave.

Expansive Satellite City Development
RGL's Satellite City development spans an impressive 1,200 acres, strategically located and bordered by key areas such as Amrahia township to the north, East Legon Hills to the south, Katamanso to the east, and the Adenta - Oyibi Highway to the west.

Elite Population Influx
The strategic location of this development captures the spill over of the elite population from Adenta into East Legon Hills, Katamanso and beyond towards the Akwapim Hills. This phenomenon has attracted eight other real estate companies to explore the area with various projects. Major roadworks are in progress to seamlessly connect the Satellite City development to Adentan townships, including East Legon Hills, Nanakrom, and Amrahia.

Ongoing infrastructure works - a section of the 1,200-acre Satellite Sity near East Legon Hills, Accra

Commitment to Quality and Longevity
Mrs. Botchwey, during a recent Project Process Re-engineering session in Accra, emphasized RGL's commitment to addressing Ghana's estimated 1.8 million housing deficit. In her words, "We are crafting this 10-Community Satellite City, one community at a time. It is a testament to our commitment to contribute to the housing deficit in our country." The development model involves meticulous planning, acquiring land decades in advance, and making extensive infrastructure investments before the construction of houses begins.

Mr & Mrs Botchwey leading a tree planting exercise at Regimanuel Satellite CIty Mr & Mrs Botchwey leading a tree planting exercise at Regimanuel Satellite CIty

Mrs Botchwey further highlighted that RGL builds to last for generations. “Indeed the East Airport/Spintex Development, which is over 20years old attests to this fact. And the RGL Homeowners by their testimony have assisted in our sales and marketing efforts”, she concluded.

Professional Management and Quality Assurance

RGL emphasizes the use of quality building materials and professional estate management services for sustained property value. Having invested in subsidiaries that produce quality building materials, quality control is assured. Furthermore, RGL estates are professionally managed post-sales, providing progressive value to the properties over time.

Milestones and Future Phases
Phase 1 of the First Cluster (a.k.a. Adom Gate) is already completed and boasts a 90% occupancy rate. The upcoming second phase, Adom Gate Pearls, will introduce new and exciting building designs, further expanding the housing options within the Satellite City.

Thanks to The Dept. Urban Roads a Dual Carriageway connects the housing development to major towns in Adentan Municipality, Tema & Oyibi

Adom Gate Pearls Entrance - Regimanuel Satellite City

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