Mon, 18 Sep 2023 Press Release

Statement By Eastern Region Diaspora Youth Alive For JM 2024 in response to petition against Omane Boamah’s appointment

By Eastern Region Diaspora Youth Alive
Statement By Eastern Region Diaspora Youth Alive For JM 2024 in response to petition against Omane Boamahs appointment

In ardently preparing towards an inevitable National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2024 general election victory, the party leadership through the National Executive Committee (NEC) appointed deserving fellows to steer some key positions for the party’s functioning. Respectively, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah has been appointed as the Director of Elections and IT.

Following his appointment, the party hierarchy as well as broad base of party supporters has profoundly endorsed Dr. Omane Boamah’s commission.

All the same, we observe a few remonstrances from one or two individuals against Dr. Omane Boamah’s position, basically expressed on social media platforms. Most recently, one Delanyo Agbe, reportedly ‘a concerned NDC supporter and social activist’ petitioned the Council of Elders of the party to review the appointment on the grounds of what he describes ‘concerns regarding Dr. Omane Boamah’s competence in the areas crucial to this role’.

In the reasoning of the activist, similar to other few unconvincing views that we have monitored on social media, Dr. Omane Boamah lacks expertise, becomes a risk to party credibility, the role requires specialized knowledge and demands one that engages with the youth.

Although we respect dissenting opinions as traits of representative democracy and political activism, in the light of Dr. Omane Boamah’s credentials coupled with the appointment source, such point of view being inappropriately claimed could affect the party’s unity and the tasks ahead.

Succinct reflection on Dr. Omane Boamah’s background and achievements points to the fact that he is firmly positioned to consummately deliver with cognate expertise in the role assigned to him. Beyond being a medical doctor and health policy planning and financing specialist, with a plethora of research and analytical aptness, his allied repertoire of knowledge is akin to the position.

His prior public service, political and governance designations include Deputy Campaign Coordinator for the NDC in 2012 Elections, Spokesperson to Ghana’s President, Minister of Communications, Deputy Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, and Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. He had further held specific leadership assignments technically pertinent to those sectors.

Evidently, he has the requisite working relations and experience with information management, data analytics, complex communication systems, digital protocols, election systems, elections management and youth engagements.

Becoming the Director of Elections and IT is a functional executive position that requires the prerequisite experience to coordinate the operations of various technical experts with specific duties. Even so, the party has already appointed Deputies (IT), and would further constitute working teams.

Therefore, the Director is not necessarily the sole epitome of erudition in elections and IT, but rather, demonstrates the capability and the related experience to organize, supervise and facilitate the operations of the team of experts to ensure effective election strategies for impeccable outcomes.

Indeed, it would be quite bizarre and malapropos for one to assert that Dr. Omane Boamah is unfit for that role, especially when the appointment process had undergone various levels of rigorous consultations before the final clinch by the party’s leadership.

By this statement, we entreat all the party members, support base and sympathizers to trust leadership decisions more especially in the case of Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, whose appointment is veritably felicitous for the task ahead.

We are of the firm view that the NDC leadership remains focused and resolute towards John Mahama 2024 victory. For that purpose, Eastern Region Diaspora Youth Alive – for JM 2024 (ERDYA-4JM2024) is working assiduously, and inviting the teeming NDC membership to put their shoulders to the wheel as we collectively court the support of all well-meaning Ghanaians to defeat the obliquities of the NPP.

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