Mon, 04 Sep 2023 Diaspora (USA)

US deports 223 Ghanaians in three years

By Stephen A.Quaye II Contributor

Information has revealed that in the fiscal year [FY] of 2022, United States of America [U.S.A] removed (deported) from the country 72,977 persons to more than 150 countries including Ghana.

It was further revealed that in the FY 2020 U.S. Enforcement and Removal Operations [ERO] removed 121 Ghanaians from America.

In 2021 and 2022, 56 and 46 Ghanaians were removed respectively.

These were contained in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] 2022 annual report which showcased how the security forces have responded to increasingly complex transnational security threats in the country over the years.


United States of America [U.S.A.] prides itself as “the land for the brave and free in the world.” But the situation on the ground currently points to the fact that America is descending heavily on immigrants as day in and day out security forces keep arresting and deporting immigrants out of the country.

A mere mention of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE], Enforcement and Removal Operations [ERO] and Homeland Security and Investigations [HSI] in America causes a lot of fear and panic among immigrants in the country making them live in anxiety.

You may be right that life in Ghana is now expensive or hard to live especially where the country continues to experience economic downturn and would want to migrate to a foreign destination such as America to live a better life.


Going to seek greener pastures in America, some Immigrants manoeuvre the U.S. immigration system to cross the country’s border illegally. But if you know what awaits you when you cross the United States of America borders illegally, you will not first of all consider making any attempt to cross the border illegally.

It has been observed that when it comes to issues concerning immigration, American [ICE], [ERO] and [HIS] do not play with it at all, especially with illegal entry into the country where they deal drastically with suspects.


ICE officers with sophisticated guns conduct warrant where they arrest illegal immigrants from their homes and workplaces, handcuff suspects, thump prints their fingers, chain them by the waist and ankles, detain and deport them out of United States of America.

Investigations have revealed that the United States [ICE] conducted multiple removal flights including to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras on May 30, 2023 as part of dozens of flights it conducts each week.

Pictures and videos show security officers from ICE, U.S. Department of Home Security [DHS] initiatives effecting arrests and deporting immigrants from the country. As viewers can see Immigrants being deported were handcuffed, chained by the waist and ankle and escorted onto the deportation flights.


In the fiscal year report of 2022, Enforcement and Removal Operations [ERO] conducted 142,756 administrative arrests of non-citizens with a criminal history. It also removed 2,667 known or suspected gang members, 55 known or suspected terrorists, seven human rights violators, and 74 foreign fugitives wanted by their governments for crimes including homicide, rape, terrorism and kidnapping.


Crossing U.S. border illegally, when you are lucky, you could pursue your education and do whatever business you want but for more than 15 years if not lucky, you could not obtain your green card to legally stay in the country and could be deported out of the country when caught by U.S. ICE.

Nobody can stop anyone from seeking greener pastures in America. But we must take a look at the frustrations immigrants go through sometimes near death when they cross American borders to live in that country illegally only to be terrorized by ICE which makes immigrants live in anxiety.

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