Let’s “fast track” church planting vision—Rev Wengam to Assemblies of God clergy

Religion Lets fast track church planting vision—Rev Wengam to Assemblies of God clergy
AUG 5, 2023 LISTEN

The Reverend Dr Stephen Wengam, General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Ghana, has charged leaders of the Church to “fast track” the church's vision of planting more churches.

He urged them not to delay in carrying out the important mandate because, “the coming of Christ is very close to us. We can't afford to waste time anymore”.

Rev Dr Wengam, who is also the Vice President of the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance, was speaking as a special guest at the Ethnic Fellowship Night of the USA Assemblies of God General Council Meeting in Columbus, Ohio.

He noted that church planting in particular and missionary work in general had become complex throughout the world, however, “once we depend on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,  we will witness the greatest harvest ever in history”, he said.

Rev Dr Wengam said the Church had signed a covenant to increase its branches from 6,000 to 12,000 thousand in the next 10 years.

“This target can easily be exceeded if each local church plants two churches within a year,” he said.

Rev Dr Wengam was full of praise for the American missionaries who founded the first Assemblies of God Church in Yendi in 1931.  

Assemblies of God worldwide has a target of one million new churches by the next decade, and Africa, – 300,000 from the current 98,000 churches.