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Conservatives Have Given Up On One Man One Vote Democracy

Conservatives Have Given Up On One Man One Vote Democracy
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Behind the veil of hypocrisy are those looking for slave labor they can exploit as they wish while denying them votes and equal protection under the law. The same people that call themselves civilized, capable of getting along, live and let others live amicably have rejected one man one vote democracy.

African countries looking for models to build an indigenous economic models already have a cultural starting base like the oldest cabinet system in the world in Oyo. There are a few countries like Kenya and Nigeria that will remain extreme capitalists, even in a military government. If you come from another planet and observe the causes of wars that destroy the best part of our cultural way of life, what would you call humans?

These are the trying times of our life when internal and external aggressions threaten our very existential progress. It has turned "civilized" countries emulated by our indoctrinated Youths into unrecognizable behavioral beings and countries. What we see is the true colors of the Western and Eastern countries when it comes to reckless self-interest, no matter whose ox is gored. No more decency or guilty conscience. Even worse, many of us have resigned to it as facts of life.

The British based representation on land mass to convince the North that they can rule Nigeria, a country they did not want to be part of. Nigeria has more people in the South than in the North. Even after Independence and state creations by the Military, the North has more states and local governments within them than similar states in the South. Since power and revenue sharing are based on states and local governments, Lagos State with more population than Northern states was not allowed to create the same number of local governments. It was not denied by the British but by a Southern President installed by the North.

The origin of European style domination becomes clearer as democracy is twisted in the United States Senate where disproportionately votes of the powerful privileged minority are used to reflect the will of the country. It is no surprise then that the President can be chosen by minority votes since the Senate that represents minority votes has power to make or ignore laws passed by the House of Representatives that have better proportional representation. While the United States elect President directly, Britain appoints their Prime Minister through the Parliament.

One man one vote is no longer working for the Conservatives. They are determined to get power of governance by hook or crook or any means possible. It is demonstrated, right in plain sight. In Reynolds v. Sims (1964), using the United States Supreme Court’s precedent set in Baker v. Carr (1962), Justice Warren held that representation in state legislatures must be apportioned equally on the basis of population rather than geographical areas, remarking that “legislators represent people, not acres or trees.”

Hidden behind the false image of angels in a civilized clime, celebrating heavenly bliss are those enticing and recruiting ill-informed grassroots votes into power. They appeal to voters' self-interest who are indecisive people praying for salvation. Eager for the proximate and immediate solutions to problems they fall into the hands of "miracle workers'' that later turn out to be their albatross. They are attracted by leaders' strong influence or the religions that promise to solve hard problems easily with an executive order or solve helpless problems with prayers.

Watch what world leaders say and do behind the scenes or sometimes in plain sight compared to their mischievous plan to subjugate everybody and countries to their whims and wishes, no matter how bombastic. Subjugation of fellow humans has never left human psychics, it has metamorphosed into an acceptable political slogan to actually eliminate those who resist and demand fairness, justice, live and let's live. They have invaded and turned the existential freedom of others into threats against their own survival.

Justin Trudeau became the new postal face and punching bag for unruly mobs demonstrating and bearing their fangs in the name of freedom. These fringe groups claiming to be against Covid-19 vaccines do not represent ninety percent of Canadian Truckers that are vaccinated. What we see within them are various far Right extremists groups mainly funded from the United States. They could metastasize into Anarchy if allowed to spin out of control. You cannot take any fringe group either from the Left or the Right for granted.

The only difference between them is: one cries out of oppression while the other cries out demanding more privileges. There is nothing more ironic than an unruly mob trying to rule people by gaining power through violence. They are so loud, you would want us to believe that they represent the silent majority.

Take the stimulus for the COVID-19 relief funds for example. It cut the poverty rate but was discontinued for fear that the working class and the poor would waste the money; when in fact, they had to spend their relief checks creating economic activities in the market that bought inflated prices of goods. The higher profits went to manufacturers. They raised prices and blamed it on too much money in the hands of the poor. Some politicians in developing countries sold COVID-19 relief or hoard them for election campaigns. Either way, oppressors cannot lose.

Let us be clear, Conservatives still have a hard time hiding their quest for cheap labor without representation. They want to go back to the days Blacks were three-fifths of a person without Voting Rights were used for cheap labor and women could not vote until the 19th Amendment in 1920 in the United States, after Dutch women were granted the right in 1919. Remember, even children from Black women slave owners raped were sold into slavery for cheap labor.

Therefore, it is no surprise that their solution to low birth rate is to ban abortion to produce more babies without healthcare, nutrition and healthy-start in schools . After all, these children are only good for cheap labor, not equal protection under the law to vote. Denying women healthcare or not, abortion will happen as it did at the back alleys where women died unnecessarily in the last century because they could not afford healthcare. According to the World Health Organization, estimated 68,000 women die annually due to the complications of unsafe abortions, with sepsis as the primary cause of death.

We have to understand Conservatives' means of survival at the expense of others' well-being. The high rate of maternal mortality among minorities in Western countries, especially in the United States, the only Western country without universal healthcare, is an indication of the mindset of those who can afford healthcare but are indifferent to those that cannot. Since poll tax was abolished, there are people that are underrepresented by gerrymandering their votes.

Farouk Martins Areas @oomoaresa

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