10.05.2004 League Report

When will the storm be over in Kotoko

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(A GNA feature by Veronica Commey)

Accra, May 10, GNA - Many were those who anticipated that the seemingly uneasy calm that finally seemed to have hoist its head after the election of Major Retired Lawrence Yaw Larson to stair the affairs of Kumasi Asante Kotoko had come to stay.

Obviously, lovers of good football administration must have been disappointed by current happenings in the club, which have seen needless confrontations between people who are supposed to be leading the club. It baffles some of us as to why persons who call themselves lovers of the great club cannot put their differences aside and for once fight for the growth of the team especially when they are expected to be pacesetters in the soccer arena.

Is it not amazing that people still decide to subsist and refer to "juju" or ways and means among others instead of focusing on issues that should rather yield dividends for the club at this era of professionalism?

I was recently taken aback when I heard Major Larson had the time and energy to address issues that bothered on those he calls his detractors at a news conference when indeed he had complained about time constraints t his disposal when he took charge of the club as the CEO. Whatever justification the CEO may have, it is very much disturbing and difficult to appreciate why he will rather not concentrate on the task ahead of him rather than addressing the "so-called detractors" whom many believe have been with the club since time immemorial.

Obviously, this is not the first time we are hearing of these odds and it might happen that it would not be the last time to do so as it never stopped in Georgido's time nor in Herbert Mensah's.

Indeed, it becomes even more disturbing to many when people who are proud followers of what is supposed to be one family are tearing themselves apart because of position whilst hiding in the armpit of "love and support."

It is unacceptable that whilst Hearts of Oak's past and present supporters channel their energy on uniting the Club and ready to forge forward together irrespective of their differences, backgrounds or whoever is leading the flock, Kotoko are found wanting when it comes to the same issues.

Hearts' Bright Akwetey will for example always fight with the club and go to the extend of meeting them in court but he is on record to have left things go of at the crucial moment when peace and unity were all they required to win the champions league such as happened in 2000. Yes they lash at each other and make their own pronouncement but not to the extend of quarrelling over a single disagreement on a sacked coach which has the tendency of inciting supporters against the fellow as if such an attitude will change anything.

It is simply about time that people accept the truism that building with such inconsistency, blames and counter blames will take the club nowhere, but it rather stand the chance of dividing their front but that can turn the fortunes of the club around when managed well.

At a point in time, it was a tango between the past Interim Management Chairman (IMC) Sylvester Owusu Asare against Wilberforce Mfum and trekked to Kennedy Agyapong and today it is Mr Kwame Owusu Ansah against Mr Amoaponko and his camp.

I hold the opinion that Mr Owusu Ansah's swipe on Mr Kojo Bonsu for his role in bringing down axed Coach Hans Kodric as reported by a Kumasi-based radio station was not only needless, but a disservice to the large army of Kotoko supporters.

The counter blame, which came from the camp of Mr Bonsu and nearly resulted in a feud, was equally unfortunate. This type of attitude will completely not inspire any type of unity that is so desired and preached all the time.

Yes indeed to many, Herbert Mensah will always be considered to be on a world of his own for the transformation he chalked amidst such inconsistent characters who sometimes preach virtue and practice vice. It is a truism that professionalism is the term of the day and a house which remains divided among itself can never stand the test of time.

Executing of plans, visions and implementing ideas is the order of the day, and since the world waits for no one, will it not be advisable to forge ahead irrespective of the differences and build a common empire that all aspire for?

It must be emphasised that it is wrong for anybody to think that once he succeeds to become a player of the club, he must have an automatic role to play in the current set-up.

I believe that the bane of the club partly stems from people of such psyche who clamour for positions and go the length and breath of life to fight for the fulfilment of their desire but fail to contribute their quota with a clear conscience when their desires are turned down.

Believe it or not, the pace of the game is fast changing and the so-called lovers of the club have a responsibility to grasp with it or give way to capable hands to drive ahead.

None need to be told that undiluted unity is what the Kotoko fraternity needs at this crucial time when the league title and continental honours are there to be defended as well as much attention and strategies needed on qualifying to the money zone of the champions league, a feat yet to be achieved.

It is one thing to proclaim love and support for something but to do otherwise. After all, no individual can ever be bigger than the club as the old order will definitely yield place to the new naturally and as such all must come on board and ensure that the total interest of the "porcupine warriors" is achieved.

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