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Who wins this years presidential elections?

Who wins this years presidential elections?
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Many great empires in the past have collapsed because their leaders did not have the wisdom and the good judgment to use their power wisely and well. Does this chronic economic ailment of Ghana stem from the foregoing?

For some politicians it is emphatically a yes whiles other may hold diverse opinions. What then is the way forward for mother Ghana?

We have come a long way in the political history of Ghana where congressional leaders can speak out in dissent on major policy issues.

This year is another year of elections with enormous promises – achievable and unachievable within the shortest possible time. For some political leaders, just a fortnight of political governance would result in a redefinition of the geopolitical landscape of the country, formulate economic policies that will pave the way for industrial expansion – thus eliminate unemployment and upgrade the underemployed.

For others, “domestication” is the only antidote for the country's chronic economic ailment. Well meaning Ghanaians may hold divergent views and as a matter of political interest, advance arguments and justify appropriately as to who merits the seat of government in the impending elections.

Hold it!! dear reader. “There may be arguments about the best way of raising wheat in a cold climate or re – afforesting a denuded mountain. But such arguments never lead to organized slaughter. Organized slaughter is the result of arguments such as the following: which is the best political party? The best religion? The best political theory? Why are other people so stupid and wicked? Why can't they see how good and intelligent we are? Why do they resist our beneficent efforts to bring them under our control and make them like ourselves”?

In the history of America, there have coexisted two political strands “a dominant strand of democratic humanism and a lesser but durable strand of intolerant Puritanism.

The major strand in our heritage, the strand of humanism, tolerance and accommodation is what I employ all patriotic citizens of Ghana to hold in high esteem irrespective of political and religious affiliations.

Take a pause and carefully consider the repercussions of a political uproar in a country such as Ghana, how pitiable that will be.

Ghana is known for its generosity, political maturity and devotion to the great humanitarian principles of freedom and justice and we just cannot afford to soil these hard earned credentials which will bring the country's image into disrepute both in the West African sub – region and the international community at large.

Words in ages have been known as tools that influence our perspective, affect the way we do things and determine our possessions. It is an undisputable fact that words kill and give life; they convey both evil and good messages – messages to imbue and dissuade. Since words are such powerful tools, we should use our words to bless and express happiness, dispel sorrow, build the spirit man and remove despondency. We must be mindful of our choice of words even in our bit to constructively criticize in order not to create strife and tension amongst ourselves. The man who manages his words is said to be matured in all areas. Why?

This is because; he knows when to speak, why and what to say in order not to create strife, tension and war. Never use words to break hearts, pronounce curses, destroy the hard earned reputations of innocent people, create strife and set friends, families and nations ablaze.

Instead, let's uphold and defend the good name of our dear country by being tolerant and kindhearted towards each other.

Remember the whole world is watching us and so is God. We just cannot afford to disappoint them.

If you want your words to inspire people, and not tear them apart, ask God to make you wise so that you will know when to speak your mind and when to mind your speech.

I love you all Ghanaians and may this year be one of difference, a year of prosperity and serenity in all our endeavours. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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