I’m NOT Against E-Levy BUT I’m against the posture of Government especially the Finance Minister.

Feature Article Im NOT Against E-Levy BUT Im against the posture of Government especially the Finance Minister.
FEB 2, 2022 LISTEN

1. Government never asked permission from us before presenting a bill that will take monies from our personal wallets by force to parliament and that is gross disrespect.

You see it’s my money so if you want some you ask me first and you must be polite about it.

2. This is suppose to be a TAX on a SERVICE PROVIDED so we have no problem paying 1% for the service being provided by the Telcos for example me being able to send money electronically to my grandparents in the village without picking a car there personally.

What I don’t understand is, what service is Government providing in this transaction to take even higher than the TELCOS as in 1.75%? I mean will they come and Tax us separately when the banks transfer our monies too? Moreover are they not already Taxing these Telcos for operating in this country?

3. Why should the Finance Minister take an entrench position NOT to reduce his 1.75 percentage but rather wants to force the TELCOS to reduce theirs to 0.75 percent? Why will he want to Charge more than the service provider especially when it’s a Tax for providing service?

Fact is Government needs our monies to help them develop the country which is not a bad idea since it’ll benefit us all but they should ask politely.

Fact is the introduction of E-Levy will definitely reduce the activities on MOMO Transactions which will obviously put the Banks back in business because if I transfer monies from my MOMO wallet to my Bank account there will not be any 2.75% charge deducted and if I also do a bank transfer to a client there wouldn’t be any separate 1.75% charges by Government which then automatically puts the banks in an advantageous position so the finance minister should understand that his projections of final income will just be on paper but not in reality.

Yes we want the country to develop and we all want to contribute towards its development and when the burden of paying Taxes is indeed spread among all citizens it will lessen the burden on the few that pays Taxes which makes sense but that does not mean Government must squeeze water out of stones I mean if you pull your teeth out by force simply because you want a gap in it you’ll only fill your mouth with blood so the Finance Minister must get down from his high horse so he can understand the people on the grounds better.

Last but not the least we all want to pay to see the country develop including the opposition who have it in their manifesto to introduce a similar Tax meaning they wouldn’t cancel it even when they win power but my only issue is that Government should reduce their 1.75% to not more than 1% and increase the Telcos who are the ones providing the service back to 1% from the 0.75% and Cap it @ 10ghc and then gradually raise the cap as we go along.

Parliament should also Stop politicizing everything and pass the necessary bills especially when they need these same taxes to pay for their speakers medical bills I mean when 2 elephants Eih sorry when 1 elephant and 1 umbrella fights it’s the citizens that suffers.

Finally government must understand that we’re already burdened with high cost of fuel prices and stagnant salaries and also the Vice must accept that he couldn’t arrest the dollar so they should deal with citizens cautiously in order not to make us feel oppressed.

We can only wish government well because if any government succeeds it’s the citizens that benefits.

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