29.11.2021 Feature Article

Ransom holdings must Stop & Citizens too must begin to act properly.

Ransom holdings must Stop  Citizens too must begin to act properly.
29.11.2021 LISTEN

About 3 months ago I tried making a transfer of funds from my bank account to my Momo account via my phone number in order to pay for some provisions at the mall.

After trying countlessly without succeeding I called the bank and was told that Bank Of Ghana had given them a directive to ensure that all their Customers update their account details.

Since I had no physical Cash on me and couldn’t Use my Momo too I had to abandon the items that I needed so badly but couldn’t pay for due to no fault of mine.

I hadn’t received any notice from my bank to upgrade my account but had to go through this embarrassment and inconvenience without any compensation.

It’s as if in this country they have to hold people to Ransom to achieve goals and I personally feel it is very disrespectful and it’s high time we change that attitude.

I remember how we’re all forced to get a New Voters ID cards else we’ll not be allowed to Vote and afterwards the cards became useless since no institution will accept it just because someone somewhere has failed to update the system to accept the cards so we still have to use the Old IDs they themselves declared Useless.

The sad part is always how people have to go through hell just to get these things done some had to wake up at 4am I mean dawn just to go get a card that became useless after voting.

Today we’re being held to ransom that we should go and pay 200ghc for a Ghana Card and re register our Mobile Numbers else they’ll disconnect our lines.

A number that I’ve been using for over 20years you’re telling me today that if I don’t use a Ghana card to Register you’ll disconnect it?

Mind you we had registered and re registered these same SIM cards in the past countless times with officially recognized ID cards like our Passports, Drivers License etc.

Sometimes it feels like we’re being treated by these authorities like kids.

One thing I’ve noticed is the we the citizens also do things reluctantly and maybe that’s the reason they also have to use these ways and means to force us in achieving results.

My last example is the directive from GTA that if we don’t get vaccinated we can’t attend Shows. Interestingly when they were giving this directive we had only achieved 1million fully vaccinated citizens out of the 35million citizens but as I type now the vaccines are in and it’s estimated that by the close of December we are expected to have 20million citizens fully vaccinated.

Now the problem is that both the Citizens and Authorities have behavioral problems and we need to start doing things properly.

A typical example is the Momo Tax that was introduced by the finance minister in the recent budget fact is if they had hinted or informed us before introducing it we would have taken it differently and citizens would have considered and said no big deal let us pay to develop our country BUT because they did absolutely No education and also not being happy with how our taxes are used the citizens Rejected it instantly.

Authorities Must understand that education is part of implementation and if you fail to plan then you’re obviously planning to fail.

Let’s all do our part as both authorities and citizens to make the system work and let’s put an end to the unnecessary RANSOM HOLDINGS.


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