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Kwabena Ofosu writes: Loyalty and the paradox of same

Kwabena Ofosu writes: Loyalty and the paradox of same
22.03.2021 LISTEN

Loyalty is one of the greatest, if not the greatest virtues a person can enjoy from another. The reason we tend to trust God is mostly because His loyalty to us and His word is unflinching. He is loyal, not "because of" but "in spite of."

Loyalty is a two-way street.

Sadly in our system, loyalty is only expected and demanded from the subordinates whilst leadership shows none. Loyalty is demanded from the congregation while in many cases, the leadership show almost none.


Really, come to think of it, what's the point if subordinates cannot trust with all their heart that their leader(s) will protect and project their interest even in their absence.

Our world today has too few stories of loyalty-till- the-end.

I believe this is so because people who've earned the lifelong loyalty of others never see the need to be loyal to these people. They assume the dangerous position of taking loyalty for granted.

May God deliver us from "fair weather loyals" and may He help us to be loyal to those who have shown us loyalty even at the peril of their lives.

Be LOYAL first and you'll enjoy loyalty.

Don't expect more than you can sacrifice from someone who is loyal to your cause, ministry, family, business and life.

LOYALTY that takes years to build but seconds to destroy was never loyalty. Loyalty is never grey colored. It is either black or white. You are either loyal or not.

The only people who you owe loyalty are those who will never make you question their loyalty to you. Your loyalty is your life, don't expend it on people who don't cherish it. You may waste your life needlessly.

Desmond Nana Osei
Desmond Nana Osei

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