Peace would not come from the skies; it would come from us through our ways!

Feature Article Peace would not come from the skies; it would come from us through our ways!
JAN 2, 2021 LISTEN

I have often likened the idea of those who call for peace without recourse to advocating for all actors of society to uphold justice and defend the rights of the voiceless to that of those who want to be rich without recourse to doing any meaningful work that would lead to such richness.

Yes, it is a bare fact that everybody wants to be rich, but how many of us want to get ourselves engaged in meaningful work that demands hardwork? Many of us want to wake up and see money at our doorsteps, some of us want to be given money free by the rich, others want to kill to become rich, others embark on robbery and petty stealing; all to become rich and be recognized in society!

Is that what we want as a people when we start talking about peace without recourse to emphasising the need for us to practice basic tenants of justice. Let's advocate and practice the need to be just and fair in our dealings at all times so that Peace would be an inevitable outcome in our societies for a beautiful and harmonious living.

Otherwise, we will end up having the rich who will not value humanity! Until those in authority prioritize justice and treat especially the voiceless and powerless with fairness, the peace we are yearning for will continue to elude us!


Comrade Yentik GARIBA


[email protected]

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