Health body files complaint against 6 doctors over Covid-19 claims

By Agencies - RFI
Europe AP - Francois Mori
AP - Francois Mori

The French National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM) has filed a complaint against six healthcare professionals, including Professor Didier Raoult, for their controversial remarks on the Covid-19 epidemic, the medical press agency APMNews reported on Monday. 

The complaint was filed in early December for making controversial statements related to the epidemic in public. 

Raoult, an advocate of the use of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine, is at the heart of a controversy for having curtailed the authorities' management of the crisis as well as conflicts of interest in international research into the treatment of Covid-19.  

His remarks had prompted the departmental council of the Bouches-du-Rhône Order of Physicians to refer the matter to the disciplinary court and the CNOM chose to associate itself with it. 

Another doctor who features in the list is Professor Perronne, until now head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine). 

The Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) had announced on December 17 that it had terminated his functions, notably for having stated that Covid-19 patients represented a financial windfall for doctors and also for controversial remarks about hydroxychloroquine. 

The other doctors in Cnom's complaint are Dr Henri Joyeux, Dr Nicole Delépine, Dr Nicolas Zeller and Dr Rezeau-Frantz.