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The Bigger Picture After University

The Bigger Picture After University
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It is not a matter of time rather a matter of truth. When the same thing is done repeatedly, it becomes an error to expect different results no matter the amount of time there is at one's disposal. However, it is the truth concerning any situation when unveiled and accurately utilized affects the course of nature and lives in general. The University is an institution of higher education where academic degrees in various academic disciplines are awarded. It is undoubtedly one of the largest discourse communities where several links are established.

The University is a complete system where the students are the elements of the system. It is worth noting that in addition to the knowledge one acquires, it is also a platform that life provides for people to rehearse and add value to their innate potentials. Most lecturers and other people who graduated from the University several years ago are still trying to find their way in life. That is to say, attending the university does not guarantee success. Therefore, it is not enough to just be awarded a certificate for your academic prowess after the stipulated number of years spent at the University. How well did you nurture your abilities? How well did you establish yourself? Most importantly, how well did you lay the foundation for the future?

The future is not always a mystery when there is a course to follow. After the University, what next? Because of the inadequate orientation and/or limited information, more time is wasted in devising strategies that will help one to survive the four walls of the University whereas a great deal of time and effort should be geared towards living outside the four walls of the University -- the bigger picture.

The bigger picture of the University system and a lesson that can be derived just after graduation can be traced to the National Service Scheme. Students who have pursued several academic disciplines are posted to areas where their services might be required irrespective of gender, social status, and even the class they graduated with. This is a clear message that life after the University focuses more on what you have within you and how well you have established yourself.

Establishing yourself has a lot to do with finding yourself. Life truly begins the moment you identify yourself. Do you have a destiny to fulfil or an identity to protect? Do you have a life to live or a people to please? Life after the University is serious business. Do you waste time building walls when you have to spend time building bridges?

Every human person is a bridge to a world of its own. Every single bridge gets you closer to your desired destination. The more lives you positively influence, the more quality bridges you have at your disposal. With your words you can build and with your words you can destroy. Are you close to your desired destination or unplanned destruction?

No matter how far and fast you travel on the wrong road, you shall never get to the desired destination. It is better late than never. Worrying about what you didn't do right during your University days will only cause pain and regrets when in actual fact you have to be considering what needs to be done in the next phase of life.

Several battles might have been lost in life. It is only a life well lived that can give you the alacrity to say you have fought a good fight. However, with life as a gift, there's hope for a comeback. When others are done saying all that they have to say, what do you also say. Remember, you're the captain of your life.

Perseverance is the key.

Never give up!

Do good -- Trust in God.

It is possible.

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