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"Fa Woto B3gye Golf" to "Fa Woto B3gye Wo Yiedie" – Oh Unpredictable John Mahama

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The ongoing ridiculous feud between music artiste Mzbel and film actress Tracey Boakye in what may be two bush fowls fighting over, or under, someone's farm, brings into mind a sorrowful history in the political life of Ghana. These two alleged girlfriends (side-chicks) of former President cum presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama, are washing their excessively dirty linen in public not only to denigrate themselves but also, to shame promiscuous John Mahama who cannot leave his trousers zipped up for a second when succulent damsels are around.

However, there is an admonishing Akan saying that goes, "Nkokohwedie mmienu nnk3ko w3 obi afuo ase", thus, "two bush fowls should not fight under someone's farm" over anything as theirs because the farm does not belong to any of them in the first place. Why then are these two greedy women, either hungry for sex or money, fighting over Mr Mahama for unknown reasons? Don't they know that the man is married, although polygamous and unfaithful as he may be?

In the year 1972, a military officer in the person of Colonel Ignatius Kutu Acheampong, arose to overthrow the civilian government of then Prime Minister Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia of the Progress Party (PP). He formed the Supreme Military Council (SMC) government and headed it. Honestly, he was farsighted and during his tenure as the leader of Ghana, he built the Dansoman Estate. He built many low cost houses throughout Ghana and introduced the "Operation Feed Yourself" programme to Ghana. These are among many other visionary projects he carried out in Ghana.

Sadly, his overly kindness towards people, especially women, culminating in his unrestrained promiscuity, contributed to the later economic hardships to come to bear on Ghanaians. He was noted for gifting young girls or women he slept with, golf cars. He was later forced out of power by his own colleagues in government in what was a palace coup d'état. This palace coup d'état was headed by Lt. General Fred Akuffo.

The abuse of power by Colonel I. K. Acheampong, promoted to General, prompted Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings and his junior military officers to stage a coup d'état in 1979. He formed the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) government. Rawlings' AFRC government executed I. K. Acheampong and other top military leaders. Head of State I. K. Acheampong was accused of dashing women he slept with, golf cars. He was accused of, tried and mocked for, gifting each of his numerous concubines and casual side-chicks a golf car at the expense of the country. Subsequently, he was executed by firing squad.

The country came to tease him for giving golf cars to women as though, he was distributing inexpensive tomatoes to people whereas golf cars were by then a bit costly. His sin, among others, was dashing women golf cars. He was always to be remembered as Head of State "Fa woto begye golf"

Check the later mockery song to be made in remembrance of him, although unlike Rawlings and Mahama, he performed far much better and was more visionary.

Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, an altruist with his own tainted vision, after his murderous AFRC government, was later to stage a second coup d'état on 31 December 1982 after he had disbanded the AFRC government to hand over power to elected civilian government of People's National Party (PNP) headed by Dr Hilla Limman. He formed again another murderous military government called the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) which was later to metamorphose into National Democratic Congress (NDC) when international pressure came to exert on him to hand over government to an elected civilian government.

Rawlings who saw himself as a God-send saviour come to liberate Ghanaians from their socio-politico-economic hardships, erected three cardinal pillars of Accountability, Probity and Transparency on which his governance revolved. It must be noted that he killed some Ghanaians accused of trivial offences of corruption. However, today as I speak, the three conspicuous sacred pillars he constructed have all crumbled, replaced by worse ones emitting corruption.

Almost all the leaders of his single-handedly formed NDC party and government are more corrupt and wicked than those he hurriedly tried in kangaroo courts and had them executed by firing squad or imprisoned.

Now, look at former President cum presidential-candidate of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama. He is not only gifting more expensive cars to his girlfriends but also, building houses or mansions for them. During his time as President of Ghana, he gifted cars to traditional chiefs, his criminal agents and supporters insulting his political rivals, his cronies, his fake pastors and prophets telling him what he wanted to hear but not what needed to hear, etc.

From the recent developments about the bestiality of the promiscuity of Mr John Dramani Mahama, should he not be called "President Fa Woto B3gye Wo Yiedie" meaning, "offer me your butt to realise your prosperity"? Acheampong's was "Fa Woto B3gye Golf" meaning "Offer me your butt to be given a golf car"

How much was a golf car as compared to the 4x4 saloon cars and other luxury cars former President Mahama has been giving out to people and his numerous girlfriends, including building them massive houses all from the money he may have dubiously taken from the Ghanaian taxpayers?

His numerous side-chicks may have for the past years been jumping for their prosperity as advised in the following "Me Huri So" gospel song by the late Prophet Seth Frimpong, a true man of God unlike others.

Mzbel and Tracey Boakye are now shamelessly abusively, if not stupidly, jumping for theirs. They are at each other's throat hoping to be the one to exact more things from womaniser John Dramani Mahama.

What is Rawlings saying about this deplorable behaviour by Mr John Dramani Mahama? Was Acheampong not killed for doing a fraction of the corruption and womanising as practised by John Mahama? I hope Mr Rawlings will bow down his head in shame, having killed people for trivial offences of which Mr Mahama is doing hundredfold of same offences committed by I. K. Acheampong.

Will any of the Ghanaian musicians come out with a song deriding Mr Mahama for his "Fa Woto B3gye Wo Yiedie" similarly as Acheampong's? If they want, musicians like Lucky Mensah, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah, Great Ampong, Daddy Lumba, etc. can produce a melodious lyrical message on Mr Mahama's obvious "Fa Woto B3gye Wo Yiedie"

I hope Ghanaians will no longer vote to elect Mr Mahama for if they do, he will empty the entire coffers of Ghana to quench his appetite or thirst for wealth and libido. He loves female celebrities, however, they come across as too expensive for the Ghanaian taxpayers!

No more chance for "Opana Mahama", the elected Ghana government official 1 by the views expressed in the Airbus scandal. Ghana is doomed should he ever come back to the presidency.

"Adwobree" Mzbel and Tracey Boakye. Nonetheless, thank you to you for letting Ghanaians have a solid proof to the fact former President cum presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama is a " Fa Woto B3gye Wo Yiedie" mastermind and orchestrator. As reproachful as your dog and cat fight is, it is very insightful. We now know the exponential rate of Mr Mahama's womanising and its cost to the Ghanaian taxpayers.

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Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 16 August 2020

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