11.07.2020 Feature Article

Religion and Science: Which is the best remedy for Covid-19? A perspective in motion

Religion and Science - Rabbi Sacks
LISTEN JUL 11, 2020
Religion and Science - Rabbi Sacks

The world is experiencing one of the most unforgettable moments in history regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus which is now a pandemic in the world. This novel virus has brought the world to a standstill and has transcended all borders and boundaries without looking at a country's capabilities to reduce the spread. It has truncated the lives of many taking into account the demographic, geographic and social settings within a country.

Millions of people are carried away to their early graves, while others in serious ill conditions. This pandemic has brought to a halt many activities including sport, trade, entertainment, education etc. Currently, as I write, there is no vaccine to minimize the spread or stop the pandemic from tearing the world. It is against the background that this write-up seeks to address the issue, “religion and science", which is the best remedy to contain the spread of the virus?

A perspective which the subsequent narrative will talk about despite the basic precautions put in place throughout the world.

Taking from various arguments across the globe, many countries (i.e Westerners) believed that the possible solution to this pandemic is the application of science. Thus, deploying technologies and laid down research to produce the requisites medicines, test kits and personal protective equipment to curtail the alarming spread of the virus through the cause and effect of the virus. With these arguments, they believe is the only best way to find a cure to the virus because of the efficacy and efficiency of what science can do within time and space. With all these deployments, science is not yielding results at the moment so there comes in the other story of the coin where some countries have resorted to the beliefs in the maker of heaven and earth to unravel an array of solution for this pandemic.

According to them, they believed religion is the bedrock to every economic, social and health issue since religion and health are inextricably linked, this pandemic can be cured through consulting the maker for divine intervention as the need has been. To add, they trust in the utmost priority to this prevailing circumstances because our belief is that He (God) knows what has befallen us and his supreme "powers" can cure this pandemic without any scientific backings.

To end, from the underlying narratives, it is prudent to minimize the spread and possibly find a vaccine to cure this pandemic. It is the nexus of the two variables working hand in hand to unearth the possible measures against this pandemic than to wok in isolation because, from experience, I know that religion informs the ideas upon which science derive their fact to work with. Hence, the religious bodies must collaborate with the scientific community with a common interest, desire, willingness and positivism. This will help fast track a needful way of producing a vaccine to cure this pandemic and possibly bring everything to normalcy for the time being. By and large, religion and science inextricably are linked to dictate for the world.


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