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28.06.2020 Feature Article

The Prevailing Judicial Thuggery And The Akufo-Addo’s Factor: Posterity Awaits All

The Prevailing Judicial Thuggery And The Akufo-Addo’s Factor: Posterity Awaits All
LISTEN JUN 28, 2020

Upon reviewing the ruling by the apex court of the land on the matter involving the NDC, the EC, and one other person, it’s obvious the court ruled against the inclusion of the current Voters ID as a source document in the compilation of new voters register the commission is seeking to roll, the reason our brothers on the other side of the political divide are rolling over in joy, under this current jurisprudence, the ruling govt has been having a lot of judicial orgasms, Nana Addo and his npp have been relishing many judicial orgasms but the question is .. for how long ?

It’s sad to watch Ghana from a distance, with all that’s happening, Ghana has finally slipped into the annals of constitutional tyranny, judicial terror and lawlessness, all thanks to President Akuffo Addo whose insatiable quest to hold on to power by whatever means possible consistently chases out sanity, peace and our integration as people with a common goal.

#Revisited : Ghanaians were placed on notice by persons who knew him well, we were cautioned on the kind of notoriety and terror we risked inviting upon ourselves should we risk voting candidate Akuffo Addo as President yet that wise counsel fell outside our consideration and Ghanaians ended up voting Akuffo Addo… and here we are … lawlessness is pushed to a special pedestal, nepotism and familism is everything, corruption has become a TrumpCard , crackdown on dissenting views is overwhelmingly pursued with violent aggression.

And fresh to this league of terror is the madrush to sacrifice the peace of the land to prolong his stay in power despite the spatial failure. … making the whole thing complex, is the fact that reasonable state institutions have all been transformed into the Npp party’s annex and enlisted as conduits to defame institutions of rule of law and replace them with the “rule of narratives”

Now , Ghana has turned into a Mafia Republic with President Akuffo Addo as a constitutional Mob Boss who consistently turn upside down the democracy we have enjoyed as people in the sub region leading to our various toughts as a beacon of hope on the radar of democracy in Africa and our global recognition as the golden star of the Emerging Africa.

The NDC has always had Ghana at heart with a selfless passion to serve, don’t forget that Ghana’s transition to constitutional rule was made possible by the NDC because it was Mr. Rawlings who led the revert to constitutional rule when the call beckoned

But sadly, few years into Nana Addo’s presidency, our gains and consolidation keep waning as he and his people continue to spit and ridicule our laws and institutions with abject contempt. They keep trampling upon our laws with impunity and with the alacrity of a mad pig !

The supreme court of Ghana today has done the impossible, sending our current jurisprudence centuries back, a very terrible decision that will resonate on the dark pages of history forever until this lawless ruling is rescinded in a review!

The Supreme Court has only endorsed the EC’s crazy desire to compile a new voters register by throwing article 42 of 1992 to the dogs by granting prominence to a constitutional addendum which is C I 126 over the original dictates of article 42.

Parliament ( majority ) is the lifeblood of this “constitutional travesty” : by becoming an agency under President Akuffo Addo’s Mafia Republic!

Trust me, at this point, Ghana has no future ! Institutions ie EC, Parliament, Supreme Court etc are going wayward, courts are giving weired and questionable rulings, security agencies clipped to a leash like a desperate dog without an owner and are being controlled like robots, the military, once decent profession has turned operating like zombies without discretions or brains by power handlers… a sure recipy for disaster .

The so called men of God, who used to hold press conferences to bastadize the past administration have suddenly gone mute , and by their action they have institutionalized hypocrisy.

Now that common sense, respect for the dignity of a Ghanaian citizen, wisdom, logic and reasoning have been refused to prevail in the affairs of the ongoing new voters register brouhaha, let no one make a mistake and think the ordinary Ghanaian will sit aloof and watch his inherent constittutional previlege vote to be taken away ! Let’s not kid ourselves, the right to vote is a sacred privilege conferred upon every Ghanaian of 18 yrs or above and of sound mind….and no one takes that away in a despicable fashion without a fight.

Earlier today, the supreme court had the opportunity to rewrite and correct the sins and the insubordinations of the EC but refused and further emboldened the already destructive and arrogant Jean Mensah to invite home the angel of terror and violence ! Should any untoward consequences erupt from this year’s elections, the wise will know who to blame for this judicial thuggery, travesty of justice and the betrayal of common sense and logic and history will be forever generous enough to grant everyone a space to render their accounts but where that account falls is everything !

I’m Ivan Kyei Innocent and I’m no cynic ! I’m a realist

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Ivan Kyei Innocent
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