Your 7% Average GDP Growth Very Useless: Economist Chases Bawumia With 301 Questions

By David Yaw Mordey, Economist and Data Scientist
Letter Your 7% Average GDP Growth Very Useless: Economist Chases Bawumia With 301 Questions
MAY 7, 2020 LISTEN

How many times have I called you?
Your utterances are getting gory at the altar of flimsy and frivolous political chauvinism. The fast fashioned rumpus of the hullabaloos carved by your intellectual dishonesty and political hoopla for fake frisky favour keeps many Ghanaians like my very self until now, uneased. Our people do say, “a lion does not go to the market square unless there is something there.” Indeed, “a fly that does not heed advice follows the corpse to the grave.” You were warned at the embryonic stage by no less a person than the late former Vice President of Republic H. E Kwesi Amissah-Arthur but you paid lip service to his “home sense.” Now, here you are dancing to no music at the market square. Today, you have reduced yourself to nothing in the Ghanaian politics that you so much cherish. Go to Facebook and many other social media platforms and see how you have submitted yourself to ridicule and castigations. No wonder, a colleague scholar from my alma mater, the University for Development Studies likens you to the “one pesewa coin.” As the saying goes “what is said over the dead lion’s body could not be said to him alive.” Indeed, “a roaring lion kills no game.” Dr. Bawumia, you have succeeded in coercing the intellectual class into joining the needless comparative time series analysis at the time we supposed to be fighting Covid-19 together in spirit. I am also here once again to lecture you as I did in 2018 about the depreciation of the Cedi against the US Dollar. “He who wakes up a sleeping dog must be ready for it barking.”

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, you are struggling to give Ghanaians “wholescale” free electricity, free water, free food, and zero rent in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. It is crystal clear you have mismanaged the situation, there are no PPE and insurance packages for our health workers but you found it wise to procure a fraudulent app and patronized musicians to launch it. You touted yourself the messiah of economic management and the time has come for us to submit you to a truly unquenchable fire of accountability. During the 2016 elections, you pledged to deliver sound macroeconomic stability and double-digit growth. Ghanaians clapped for you and indeed elected Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo into office as President of the Republic. Unfortunately, you manufactured macroeconomic figures to woo Ghanaians and the international community. More intriguing is the quality of the so-called three years of sustained 7% average GDP growth under your government. The much-touted “cholesterol growth” engineered by oil revenue amidst performance in the agriculture sector from 6.1% in 2017 to 2.2% in the first quarter of 2019 and the service sector from 8.1% to 7.2% over the same period speaks for itself. The emergence of the coronavirus has come to aid us comprehend the realities much easier than the usual uproar. As the Dagombas say “when your mother died at the market scare you don’t need to announce the funeral” We no longer need John Keynes, Adams Smith, Modigliani, etc. to educate us about the fundamentals in Ghana. The “coronanomics” is here to provide us with the realities about the fundamentals.

Dr. Bawumia, your government just secured a 1 billion US Dollar facility from the IMF and some 35 million US Dollars (partly delivered) from the World Bank to complement the fight against Covid-19. Does it mean the much-touted economy is already out of gear? Does it mean you have been telling us plethora of lies all these while? This points to the fact that you have grossly mismanaged the economy as the head of the Economic Management Team (EMT) having borrowed 235 billion Ghana Cedis in less than three and a half years talk less of tax revenue, grants, and FDI inflows. Today, the realities have exposed your ineptitude and lack of “industrial input” as put forward by H. E Bekoe Amissah-Arthur (of the blessed memory).

In the past five years, Ghana has sustained economic growth in the average of 5.5% (~6%) and 6.7% (~7%) in the past three years under almighty “Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.” Elementary economics highlights the need to sustain economic growth in order to raise enough income for redistribution. It seems your case posits otherwise where your government is struggling to feed even the “poorest of the poor.” Togo, a country with less than 4.8% (~5%) annual GDP growth for the past five years managed to give her citizens free food, free electricity, free water, and even zero rent. The case of Guinea is not much different, I am told the government of that country is even considering sharing money to her citizens in order to keep them home. What is more intriguing is Rwanda, a country that just recovered from one of the most atrocious genocides in Africa is considering more than stated above. The question that comes to mind is why is the government of Ghana not sharing free food, free water, free electricity, and even get rent frozen for all citizens than the partial interventionist approach? Another interesting question to ask is where is Ghana’s so-called 6% sustained GDP growth in the past 5 years, particularly your 7% in the past three years? Does it mean sustaining economic growth in Ghana does not guarantee income redistribution in the future?

Finding answers to the foregoing questions brings to fore how you have grossly mismanaged the economy of Ghana but found wisdom in appointing NPP apparatchiks into the Ghana Statistical Service to manufacture economic figures just to woo Ghanaians and the international community for favour. A Typical example is how you scammed the IMF for the 1 billion US Dollar Rapid Credit Facility (RCF). The novel Covid-19 has come to expose your incompetence as the manager of the economy. You claimed to be the Don of economic management in our country but the reality has just caught you up. Can you use such prowess to feed every Ghanaian today as we witness in Togo, Rwanda, and Guinea among others? I think you are taking Ghanaians for granted and won’t let you kill us before Covid-19. You have borrowed about 235 billion Ghana Cedis in less than three years and received more than 7 billion US Dollars from our oil revenue. Besides, your government has received more than 9 billion US Dollars in the past three years through aid from donors. Billions of Ghana Cedis have also been raised through taxation. The question is where is the money? Corruption, embezzlement, bloated government, expensive trips, mismanagement, and several others have become the order of the day in your government. Dr. Bawumia, you have a lot of questions to answer but in the meantime, I need answers to the following questions:

  1. Why can’t we redistribute the income from the 7% average GDP growth?
  2. Are the Ghanaian economic fundamentals so weak that we have to request for 1 billion US Dollar RCF from the IMF in less than two months of Covid-19?
  3. Where is the 3 billion Eurobond receipt raised in February this year?
  4. Where is the 2.5 million UD Dollars raised from the World Bank out of the 35 million US Dollars suggested by WHO?
  5. Where is the earlier 100 million US Dollars (the audio money announced by President Akufo-Addo) from the World Bank?
  6. Where is the 200 million US Dollars from the Stabilization Fund?
  7. Do you who created that Fund?
  8. Where is the Ghana Beyond Aid and the US$1.9 billion raised during the Year of Return?
  9. For 2018, you reported –3.9% fiscal deficit to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report –7% to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  10. For 2018, you reported 2.3% primary balance to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report –1.4% to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  11. For 2018, you reported US$5.6 billion gross international reserves to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report just US$5.3 billion to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  12. For 2018, you reported 3.0 months of import cover to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report 1.9 to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  13. For 2019, you reported –4.5% fiscal deficit to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report –7.5% to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  14. For 2019, you reported 0.3% primary balance to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report –1.8% to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  15. For 2019, you reported US$8.1 billion gross international reserves to Ghanaians through the 2020 Budget Statement and Economic Policy and chose to report just US$6.6 billion to the IMF for the RCF. Why?
  16. For 2019, you reported 4.1 months of import cover to Ghanaians through the BoG Annual Report and chose to report 3.4 to the IMF for the RCF. Why?

Dr. Bawumia, initially I concluded that you actually cooked the figures to scam IMF for the US$1 billion facility but upon second thought I realized that the Covid-19 pandemic has just come to explain the realities of the Ghanaian economy. The situation has also exposed the magnitude of the lies you have been telling Ghanaians over the years. It also confirms the prophecy of our late Vice President when he said we should not give the economy to someone who has no industrial input. You only memorized the economics theories and poured them during examination but never understood what it meant when the marginal efficiency of investment curve gets flatten and the appropriate policy response to adopt for growth to take its course without putting all our hopes in oil revenue. Dr. Bawumia, you truly lack industrial input.

  1. From the foregoing issues at hand, can we conclude that the economy of Ghana needs intensive care as suggested by former President John Dramani Mahama?
  2. Dr. Bawumia, Ghanaians demand an answer to why Moody revised the economic outlook of Ghana from positive to negative?
  3. We also want to know why the agriculture sector declined from 6.1% in 2017 to 2.2% in the first quarter of 2019.
  4. Dr. Bawumia, Ghanaians also want to know why the growth in the service sector declined from 8.1% in 2017 to 7.2% in the first quarter of 2019.
  5. We want to know why our GDP growth dropped from 8.1% in 2017 to 6.7% in the first quarter of 2019.
  6. Where is the bank account you promised every Ghanaian by 2018?
  7. Where is the toilet and water you promised every household?
  8. Where is the planting for food and jobs?
  9. Where are the warehouses you promised us?
  10. Where is the 350 senior high schools you promised Ghanaians?
  11. Mention just one hospital you have constructed in the past three years of your government.
  12. Why unlock Ghanaians amidst deadly Covid-19?
  13. Is it that you cannot feed us?
  14. Fourteen of our health workers got infected by the deadly disease due to lack of PPE, are you aware?
  15. Why did you chose to abandon hospitals built by the previous government to promise 88 new ones?
  16. Do you think you can build 88 district hospitals and 6 regional hospitals in less than 8 months?
  17. Can you give us the source of funding for the 94 hospitals?
  18. Dr. Bawumia, where are your drones? Can’t we use them to transport samples to Noguchi?
  19. Dr. Bawumia, you seem to have forgotten your 2016 NPP manifesto promises. Do you still remember your promise “to manage the economy competently?”
  20. In the 2016 NPP manifesto, you pledge to achieve double-digit GDP growth in your four years in office. Why still in single-digit growth?
  21. Why the cost of doing business in Ghana so high?
  22. You promised a machinery of government that will deliver the benefits of progress to Ghanaians. How far with that?
  23. Where are the benefits of progress?
  24. You promised in your manifesto to broaden the tax base by formalizing the economy. Why are we still facing revenue shortfall?
  25. You also promised to ensure tax compliance. Why are we still facing revenue shortfall?
  26. You promised to reduce government expenditure through PPP engagement yet your fiscal gap keeps widening, why?
  27. How much savings have you made from your promise to reduce the interest paid on Ghana’s debt stock?
  28. Dr. Bawumia, you promised in your manifesto to eliminate corruption in the procurement of goods and services. According to the CHRAJ, Ghana loses 13.5 billion Ghana Cedi to corruption, please explain.
  29. Are you sure the GhanaPost GPS app costs 2.5 million US Dollars?

Your government has been identified as the most corrupt in the history of Ghana. Can you prove Ghanaians wrong in the following scandals? Each question carries equal marks.

  1. Fraudulent PDS deal
  2. $10 million wasted on cocoa roads audit
  3. $4.5 million AfCON profligate expenditure
  4. Ministry of Finance pays 1 million Ghana Cedis to Kroll Associates for no work done-Auditor General
  5. Twelve (12) top state infrastructure designs sole-sourced to one firm
  6. GHC283 million paid in judgement debt
  7. GHC3 million renovated warehouses defective
  8. Appointment of Kwame Owusu as board chairman for GRA after installing 11 ACs in two-bedroom facility
  9. GHC9.6 billion lost to corruption since 2017
  10. $17,000 per hour private jet hired by President to tour the world
  11. Mac Manu fingered in $1.5 billion MPS deal
  12. Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company increases allowances by 400%
  13. Minister of State at Presidency busted over bribery attempt on Star FM Journalist over galamsey exposé
  14. NHIS divert GHC17 million into private investment company
  15. GHC3.9 million to buy condoms
  16. Appointment of MD for non-existent Keta Sea Port
  17. Presidential staffers caught on video taking galamsey bribes
  18. Fight at GNPC between CEO and Board Chairman (Freddy Blay) over procurement
  19. Ghana included in European Commission dirty money list
  20. Ministry of Health anti-snake serum procurement breaches
  21. $12 million worth of fertilizers for Planting for Food and Jobs missing
  22. Government trades Aisha Huang for Chinese loan
  23. Government busted in $12 million Oslo consulate deal
  24. GHC18k entertainment allowances for Sanitation Minister
  25. $12.5 million sole-sourced contracts for blood distribution drones
  26. Presidential staffers list increases from 998 to 1,614 to create jobs for party boys
  27. GHC297,585 missing at Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly
  28. $14 million blown by Ministry of Tourism over capacity building
  29. EOCO official suspended for calling on President Akufo-Addo to prosecute his own corrupt officials
  30. Two (2) bedroom resident renovated at GHC1 million by the Ghana Maritime Authority boss - Kwame Owusu
  31. Ghana Maritime Authority boss blows GHC700 per head on lunch in a day
  32. GHC1.5 million rot uncovered at EPA
  33. Ghana travels with the largest delegation to UN conference
  34. Government distributed expired food items to flood victims, led by your very self
  35. Asuogyaman DCE buys GHC1,850 printer for GHC16,000
  36. Over 600,000 litres of BOST contaminated fuel disappears
  37. Board chairman of Auditor-General Department violated procurement processes
  38. Government lied over destruction of 10,000 hectares of farmlands under Planting for Food and Jobs
  39. Sawla DCE awarding contracts to himself
  40. GNPC buys $7.5 million property from CEOs former company
  41. CEO of Forestry Commission fingered in galamsey
  42. Adwoa Safo takes $8,500 from NHIA for USA trip
  43. NHIA blows 62k on Government communicators
  44. GHC697 million squandered in 2017 by the Ministry of Finance
  45. Flagstaff House guards busted in robbery on countless occasions
  46. NACOB excluded from Port checks
  47. Wife of Sammy Awuku grabs juicy Free Zones Feeding contract
  48. Gifty Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowance
  49. Gifty Klenam blows $132 on rent
  50. Peter Mac Manu in conflict of interest at GPHA as wife is handed juicy contracts
  51. GFA Nyantakyi solicits GHC8 million bribe for President Akufo-Addo and your very self
  52. $89 million dubious KelniGVG contract
  53. CEO of Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company awards fictitious contracts
  54. Ghana loses GHC1 million in undervalued Metro Mass bus sales
  55. Sports Ministry, Pius Hadzide in visa racketeering scandal
  56. Wife of Kennedy Agyapong handed Ghc100.2 million sole-sourced streetlights contract
  57. Eleven (11) contracts of NLA packaged and handed over to sister-In-law of MD in a day
  58. GHC28.8 million procurement scandal at MASLOC
  59. President Akufo-Addo gifted NPP GHC5 million for Cape Coast Conference
  60. Fisheries Minister kicks out Director from office over fight against corruption in her administration
  61. Ketu South MCE smuggles in $3.2 million luxury vehicle
  62. DVLA sells GHC10 first aid kit for Ghc100
  63. Special Development Ministry blows GHC800k on website
  64. Expats charged $100k to sit by President Akufo-Addo
  65. NLA boss takes $60k personal loan from service provider
  66. GHC100k spent to change the name of Tamale Sports Stadium to Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium
  67. President Akuffo-Addo makes U-turn, endorses Jospong a company he branded as corrupt while in opposition
  68. Over 200 instances of premix fuel diversions recorded in 2017
  69. GHC1.9 billion allocated to presidency in 2018
  70. Government blows GHC177 million on failed energy bond
  71. Hajj board official in over GHC23k visa fraud
  72. Ghana blows $2.5 million on GhanaPostGPS, spearheaded by your very self
  73. District Assemblies to cough GHC5k each to fund Akufo-Addo’s tour
  74. CID cooks report to clear two Deputy Chiefs of Staff
  75. Ahanta West DCE rejects official bungalow, blows GHC22k on hotel accommodation
  76. Finance Minister in procurement breaches over GHC10 million loan to MacDan
  77. NPP grabs GHC900 million from two banks without board approval
  78. Osafo Marfo appoints two sons into top government positions
  79. Stephen Ntim appointed Lands Commission boss under a repealed law
  80. Akufo-Addo sacks 13,000 public sector workers to create space for his family and friends in NPP
  81. GHC5.6 million blown in [email protected] March parade
  82. GHC9 million spent by Agric Minister to procure fake chemicals to fight armyworms
  83. BOST boss in 5 million litres contaminated fuel deal
  84. Northern Regional Minister, Bugri Naabu clash over road contracts
  85. Ten thousand (10,000) bags of fertilizers missing

Please, mention just one project you have done in the three Northern regions in the past three years. Your brother from the Northern region did the following in the North. Prove otherwise if they are lies.

  1. Establishment of the Gambaga College of Education
  2. Upgrading of Tamale Airport to an International Airport
  3. Eight-hundred (800) bed capacity Tamale Teaching Hospital phase 1&2
  4. Construction of 57 km Walewale-Nalerigu road
  5. Construction of Nalerigu, Gambaga and Walewale town roads
  6. Wulensi Kpandai roads
  7. Nyankpala, Tolon, Tali road
  8. Tamale South Township roads
  9. Polyclinics at Tatale and Kpandai
  10. Health Training Schools at Yendi and Gusheigu
  11. Eighteen (18) ICT Centres across the Region
  12. Construction of a storey building dormitory block and a six-unit classroom block at Bunkprurugu Senior High School
  13. Tamale to Techiman asphaltic pavement road
  14. Construction of 20 CHPS compounds to boost access to health in rural communities within the Northern Region
  15. Construction of the Boayini bridge in West Mamprusi Municipality
  16. Bitumen surfacing of Wiase to Yabaga road
  17. Construction of small-town water systems at Kparigu and Tinguri
  18. Boardinisation of Nankpanduri and Bunkpurugu Senior High Schools
  19. Office Complex for the Municipal Education Directorate at Walewale
  20. A modern lorry station in Walewale
  21. Construction of Assembly Hall Complex at Cherepony
  22. Construction of District Assembly Complex at Yagaba in the Mamprugu/Moadur District
  23. Tamale township asphaltic overlay
  24. Asphaltic overlay of roads at Kamina barracks, Bawa Barracks and Tamale Airport residential area
  25. Aboabo market reconstruction
  26. Tamale old market reconstruction
  27. Water projects for Nantong, Savulugu, Tamale South, Tamale North, Sagnerigu and Kanvili Tuunayil
  28. Sawla Damango- Fufulso road (tarred with schools, markets, and clinics for communities along the road)
  29. Established a Senior High School in Sawla
  30. Market complex at Sawla
  31. Community Day School at Daboya (E-Block)
  32. Twenty-five communities connected to the National grid
  33. District Assembly Block at Damango
  34. GES Office Complex at Sawla
  35. Kpalibe Senior High School, Buipe SHS, Buipe SHTS and Mpaha SHS (almost completed)
  36. Nurses bungalows at Goyiri, Kulmasa, and Sawla
  37. Sawla Polyclinic
  38. Health Insurance Office at Sawla
  39. Established Sawls Senior High School
  40. Constructed the Kalba Dam
  41. Kunfusi Polyclinic
  42. West Gonja District Hospital
  43. Rehabilitation and upgrade of Wa Airstrip into Airport to support domestic flights
  44. Construction of upper West Regional library
  45. Wa town urban water project
  46. Construction of 64 CHPS compounds
  47. Four (4) Health Training Institutions( Nandom ,Lawra,Tumu, and Kperisi in Wa)
  48. New Senior High Schools in Gwollu, Funsi, and Birifo
  49. E-Blocks at Lambussie, Loggu, Dorimon, Zini, Naro, Domwin Boo, Konzokala, and Wellembelle
  50. Five Polyclinics (Wechau, Babile,Ko, Lambussie, and Hian)
  51. Construction of a military barracks to host the Airforce detachment in Wa
  52. 641 Communities connected to the National grid under SHEP and China Water Project
  53. Eight (8) small town water project for Wechau, Manwe, Goripie, Kpongu, Piina, Nator, Sombo, and Wellembelle
  54. Four (4) number warehouses and pack housing for grains and vegetable storage at Sombo, Gwollu, Eremon, and Yagha
  55. Rehabilitation and expansion of Upper East Regional Hospital to meet world standards
  56. Bitumen surfacing of Bolga to Bongo road
  57. Rehabilitation and modernization of Tono and Vea Dams through GCAP
  58. Construction of Navrongo and Bawku Town Water systems
  59. Construction of 1000 tonnes capacity warehouses for storage of farm produce at Wiase, Bolgatanga, Sandema, and Navrongo
  60. Construction and rehabilitation of 86 small scale irrigation dams through GSOP
  61. Construction of Tongo-Winkogo road
  62. About 100 communities connected to the National grid through SHEP
  63. Massive infrastructure in almost every Senior High School through SEIP
  64. Construction of 70 CHPS Compounds to improve access to health in our rural communities
  65. Expansion of infrastructure at St John Bosco College of Education, Gbewaa College of Education, Zuarungo Nursing Training College, and UDS Navrongo Campus.
  66. Constructed about 500 basic school blocks in the Upper East Region (the largest intervention to basic education in UER since independence)
  67. Commenced the construction of the 112 km Bolga-Bawku- Pulmanko road
  68. Commenced the construction of the Tamne large scale irrigation dam project to boost irrigation farming in Garu,Tempani, Pusiga, Bawku, and Binduri
  69. Navrongo to Tumu road (work was progressing steadily, but truncated by your government)

Dr. Bawumia can you debunk the claim that former President Mahama initiated and executed the following health projects? You are at liberty to refute any of the claims.

  1. Construction of Winneba District hospital
  2. Construction of a 100-bed general hospital with Malaria Research Centre at Teshie, Accra
  3. University of Ghana Medical Centre
  4. Rehabilitation and upgrading of Ridge hospital to a regional hospital
  5. Construction of 2-Storey classroom block at Pantang HATS
  6. Construction of Dodowa government t hospital
  7. Phase 2 of the rehabilitation and upgrading of Bolgatanga regional hospital;
  8. Construction of five (5) polyclinics/health centres in the Northern region (Kpandai, Tatale, Janga, Chereponi, and Karaga)
  9. Feasibility studies for the development of a specialized Maternity and Children’s Hospital at Ridge hospital completed
  10. Nineteen (19) out of the 21 health centres with OPEC funding at Amasaman, Doffor, Pokukrom, New Jejeti, Paakro, Gwollu, Funsi, Sang, Buipe, Manso Nkwanta, Abuakwa, Have, Mase Sosekpe, Kedzi, Adamso, Kayoro, Timonde, Bonsu Nkwanta, and Dadieso.
  11. Three other District hospitals under the same project have also been completed at Edjumako, Essam, and Zagzugu.
  12. GHS Head Office complex at Limb Fitting Centre, Accra
  13. Construction of 5 polyclinics (Phase II) in the Upper West region, they include Wechau, Babile, Lambussie, Ko, and Hain
  14. Facilities in the following Nurses’ Training Colleges: Tamale NTC, Akim Oda CHNTS, Ashanti-Mampong MTS/HATS, and Berekum NTC
  15. Construction of Tarkwa District hospital
  16. Phase II of Bolgatanga Regional Hospital
  17. Completion of Manhyia Hospital OPD Complex
  18. Construction of Eye Care Centre at Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital
  19. Construction and equipping of New MRI and CT Scan centres at KATH, Kumasi, and Tamale Teaching hospital
  20. Procurement and installation of New X-Ray equipment in selected District hospitals Nationwide, namely St. Peters hospital, Mankranso District hospital, St. Patrick hospital (Offinso), Atebubu District hospital, Dormaa Municipal hospital, Holy Family hospital (Duayaw Nkwanta), Abura District hospital, Ajumako District hospital, Assin North Municipal hospital, Mfantsiman Municipal hospital, St. Martins hospital, Enyiresi District hospital, Weija hospital, Maamobi Polyclinic, Pantang Psychiatry, St Joseph hospital (Nkwanta), Adidome hospital, Dodi Papasi hospital, Jasikan Government hospital, Zebilla District hospital, Bongo District hospital, Lawra District hospital, St. Theresa hospital (Nandom)
  21. Water improvement project in selected health facilities in Brong Ahafo, Northern, and Upper East regions.
  22. Construction of 5 polyclinics (Phase III) in the Brong Ahafo region (Nkrankwanta, Wamfie, Kwatire, Tachimantia, and Bomaa)
  23. Hospital projects with funding from EUROGET De-Invest s.a. (Military hospital in Kumasi; two regional hospitals in Wa and Kumasi; and six District hospitals, namely Salaga, Tepa, Konongo, Nsawkaw, Twi-Praso, and Madina-Accra)
  24. Construction of Bekwai District hospital
  25. Construction and completion of Maternal and Children Block at Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital (KATH), Kumasi
  26. Supply of assorted equipment under the OPIC funding
  27. Construction of Blood Transfusion Centres in Korle-Bu Teaching hospital, Accra
  28. Construction of 3-storey classroom block at Korle-Bu Peri-operative Nursing/Public Health
  29. Construction of 2-storey classroom block at Sampa HATS
  30. Construction of 2-storey classroom block at Hohoe Midwifery Training School

President Akufo-Addo in December 2019 announced the completion of some 58 factories under the “one district one factory.” Dr. Bawumia, Ghanaians want to know “just one” of the factories you started in 2017 and completed in 2019.

  1. Everpure Ghana Ltd
  2. Savana Foods Empire Ltd
  3. Pam Pharmaceutical Ltd
  4. Prefos Ghana Ltd
  5. Brompton Portfolio
  6. Profad Glazing System Ltd
  7. Osiadan Concretes Products Ltd
  8. Ankod Industries
  9. Golden Milam Ltd
  10. Zuriel Carbon
  11. Skyline Steel Company Ltd
  12. Springs and Bolts Company Ltd
  13. LK International Co. Ltd (Motor King)
  14. Shaba Enterprise
  15. B5 Plus Alloys
  16. Sentuo Ceramic Ghana
  17. KEDA Ceramic Company Ltd
  18. Kete Krashie Timber Recovery Ltd
  19. Volta Forest Products Company
  20. Miro Forestry Ltd
  21. Sunda Ghana Investment Company Ltd
  22. EKA Foods
  23. Kaskazini Ltd
  24. Lan Tianyi Company Ltd
  25. Strongman Foods & Farms Ltd
  26. Feanza Industries
  27. Birim Oil Mills Ltd
  28. Petersfield and Rey Group Ltd
  29. Yedent Agro Ltd
  30. Casa De Ropa
  31. Linise
  32. Caltech Ventures Ltd
  33. Obibini Blackman Company Ltd
  34. Vestor Oil Processing Company
  35. Ababio Express
  36. Aglow Farms Ltd
  37. Dagan Farms Ltd
  38. Nourisher Processing Ghana Ltd
  39. Bibini Logging Ltd
  40. Agriculture, Industrial and Commercial Products AICP Ltd
  41. Gee Fresh Company Ltd
  42. Asamoah and Yamoah Farms\
  43. Appiah Farms Ltd
  44. Delawin Farms Ltd
  45. Mass Industries Ltd
  46. Sunda Ghana Diapers Ltd
  47. Nordiq Hygiene Care Industries Ltd
  48. Wentec Company
  49. Integrated Compost & Recycling Plant Ltd
  50. Home Foods Processing
  51. Navina Cartel Garments
  52. Unijay Garments Ltd
  53. Maagrace Industries Ltd
  54. KAD Industries
  55. Innovation Manufacturing Group
  56. De United Foods Industries Ltd
  57. Happy Sunshine Company Ltd
  58. Glofert Ghana

Dr. Bawumia you seem to be deceiving yourself at this critical moment of our national life. You sound so comfortable about the mess you have created in the past three and a half years in office as the head of the EMT and the Vice President of the Republic. You have desecrated such enviable positions and still carrying yourself around making noise. Mr. Vice President, Ghanaians are hungry and needed to be fed by your government as in Togo, Rwanda, Guinea, and several other countries.

  1. Why did you compare a life-threatening pandemic to an energy crisis created by your own party between 2000 and 2008?
  2. Was the energy crisis fixed by US$1 billion IMF RCF?
  3. Were Ghanaians locked down during the energy crisis?
  4. How many people died during the energy crisis?
  5. Was the crisis a generation problem or financing challenge?
  6. Who fixed the energy crisis?
  7. Mention just one megawatt of power plant your government built in the past 3 and a half years?
  8. What made you think you are managing Covid-19 than any other government on earth?
  9. Do you read news from other African countries about their commitments in fighting the deadly disease?
  10. How far with the genetic composition of Covid-19 strains you claimed our scientists discovered?
  11. You have started tampering with the Covid-19 statistics, can you end it there?
  12. You were the first to have openly politicized Covid-19 in Ghana, please can you apologize to Ghanaians?
  13. Do you think we can conquer Covid-19 with the politicization of everything about it?
  14. Can we have mercy upon Ghanaians for once and stop the politicization of the pandemic?

Mr. Vice President, I still have additional 1,501 economic questions for you and 501 for the government in general about the collapse of domestic banks, depreciation of the Cedi, domestic investment, and the collapse of small and medium enterprises in Ghana. You succeeded in opening the flag gate for comparative time series analysis and we will delve into that as such. Just get prepared for the debate in the days ahead of us. Before I leave you I will want to send you this caution, “Ghanaians are going to compare your shambolic performance with your opponent’s records to make an informed decision in December 2020 election.”

I wish you well and good health.
Thank You,
David Yaw Mordey, Economist and Data Scientist

Tel: 0206652148

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