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LISTEN MAR 19, 2014
c and c

COMMANDER·IN· CHIEF – They are called (C-in-C), because they behave like army commanders that expect their order to be obeyed without any query either it is convenient or not, their slogan is “obey first before complain”. Their wives live in their house as if in a refugee camp or like a prisoner of war (pow). These kind of husbands love to rule their home with iron hands, they are terror to their wives and a slave master to their children.

A C-in-C husband will always quote Eph. 5:22 to support themselves whenever they want to compel their wives to obey them, while they always quote Eph. 6: 1-3 to force their children to obey them while they will pretend as if Eph. 5:25, 6:4 is not existing in their Bible.

These kind of men did not have an iota of respect for their wives, they talk to them anyhow, they believe their wives have nothing to contribute than their kitchen experience.

In fact their wives cannot enter their room without knocking except they sent for them.

They can do whatever they want in their home nobody dares question them.

If you are a C-in-C husband, you are outside the will of God and you are sailing against the wind, you need to change before it is too late.

* Learn to be a good husband
*Don't just be a husband, be a lover
* Have a listening ear
* Learn to consult your wife before you take any major decision.

* Learn to pray with your wife.
* Always remember Eph. 5:24-33 (Please read it)
. *Be considerate, always treat your wife as a weaker vessel.

* Always remember that Christ is the Lord of all.
* Make your wife your best friend.
* Ask God to forgive you for treating your wife as a slave.

* Ask for the spirit that love
* Pray for listening ear
* Ask God to make you a good husband
* Ask God to take over your home
Excerpt from Fight For Your Marriage

By Bisi adewale

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