Corrections Policy

At ModernGhana, although we always strive for perfection and accuracy, we can make errors from time to time. When it happens, we are prepared to take responsibility for correcting the said error whiles maintaining high level of transparency by first, recalling the story and make sure that the incorrect information does not spread.

In order to achieve the level of accuracy, perfection, and clarity, these are the steps to follow:

For Our Readers:

Anytime a reader spots an error, he/she should contact ModernGhana directly or a person in charge within our Editorial Team. A mobile contact or email is provided for readers to notify team anytime they come across an error.

If sent by email, the correction inquiry should include the suggested correction, the link of the article or post where the error was spotted, and the reader’s name and contact information. We also would require a source for your correction.

The reader can expect a response from the editorial team and may be contacted further if any clarification or additional information is needed. Please note that a correction submission is a guarantee that the error will be investigated but not a guarantee that a change will be issued.

ModernGhana Team:

After our team is informed about an error, we will investigate the error using the information provided by the reader and other online resources along with the writer’s information.

If an error is identified, we will make sure to correct it as soon as possible.

Social Media Channels:

In case the said content was posted on Facebook, Twitter, or any other online channel in control of ModernGhana, the post featuring the said error will be removed and replaced with the corrected version.