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08.04.2006 Business & Finance

GT offers lifeline to communication centre operators

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Agona Swedru, April 8, GNA- The Ghana Telecommunication Company (GT) has assured Communication Centre Operators that it recognises them as key customers to help the company to increase access to telephones. GT would therefore not do anything to destroy its partners in business, Mr Emmanuel G. Dziko, General Manger Strategy and Business Development of the company, said.

He appealed to both private and commercial users, who had stopped using the landline phones for various reasons to take advantage of new products to argument the operations of GT to maximize profits to help build better economy.

Mr Dziko speaking at separate forums organized by the company to interact with customers at Agona Swedru and Winneba said one of the products was the "Easy Phone Maxi" designed to help communication centres.

He urged communication centre operators to erase the impression that GT was "going to kill their business, this wrong perception among com-centre operators over complaints of high bills".

Mr Dziko said the GT was going to replace its old machines to provide itemised bills throughout the country and a pre-paid telephone system to help customers to buy the amount of airtime they want to load onto their landline phones like mobile phones.

He assured the customers that complaints and misunderstanding about bills, delays in delivery and questions about ghost numbers would no longer be a feature of the billing system.

Mr Joseph Wireko, General Manager Communication, Fixed Network Services of GT, said the company would soon come out with products such as the Easy Talk IDD International, Destination Easy Talk and Easy Talk Virtual Cards to help ease problems in communication. He stated that the Virtual Card could be carried everywhere like mobile phone and said the Company also provided free night calls and urged Ghanaians to patronize the operations of GT because it was for the people of this country.

Mr Osei Afriyie, Head of Media Relations, said GT had secured a 40-million dollar loan to enable it diversify its activities to render quality service to its customers.

He said the forum was to enable GT get closer to its customers to share ideas, views and suggestions to improve services.