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The Lost Black Doctors

Now where shall I diagnose my huge burden for an antidote
After the strangers have catalyst the death of our powerful stone god
that had its laboratory at the foot of that huge dried baobao tree
These strange strangers laboured from the womb of a book a new religion that named me moses
They said mine was the pope of lucifer and needed the stabs of David's giant rock
Theirs they said had the assent of nature
And a religious technology it was to cure our plagues.
Yet here we lie invaded with outrageous burdens

These stone gods willed to us by our late fathers were the private doctors of black home
They showered on us fortunes and drifted away our miseries.
Africa still needs them!

by Lambon Salifu Muhammeed

 Posted by: Hikmahh


selasi komla adjor | 5/26/2015 5:42:02 PM

nice piece, I love the line... strange strangers..


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