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nsansono leaves in ghana

Hello i am bright (age 8)
One day a white man from uk came to visit ghana.He fine one man who
will help him to lean the twi and olso to help know all over ghana.
The white man said to the man "I want to lean ghanaian people and be like them". So one day the black man went to the bushy area with the white man to toilet there. Affter that the black man plot a leaf and use to clean the anus . The white man did not know the leaf so he olso plot a leaf called(nsansono)which is not good to aply to the body and used to clean the anus.After that he began to cry and said
"oh so in ghana all leaves are electric and can shocked".


 Posted by: BRIGHT


Amartey mixture | 1/25/2016 6:27:14 PM



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