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3 wishes

a man was fishing on a river. the fish bites, but when he tooked out the fish he had a surprise: it was a gold fish."hey, fiherman" says the fish,"if u set me free i 'll give all that u want.just make 3 wishes and they'll become true.""ok,says the fiherman:my first wish:to have a truck filled with money""done",says the gold fish and truck filled with money intantly appeared."second wish: to have in every night a top model to sleep with.""done"says the gold fish,and all top-models appeared scheduled for all the year days."third wish:i want that my cock be so long so i can touch the ground with it"."done",says the gold fish, and he cuts the fisherman's legs


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quot-img-1If we are really and truly meant for each other, there might be challenges we might face on our way to achieving our aim and we shall surely overcome those challenges.

By: FRANCIS TAWIAH , Du quot-img-1