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Looks like your game is up
You got caught cheating
You thought you were on top
But you got caught slipping

You said you felt so high
Every time you saw me smile
Always on cloud nine
Boy, what a damn lie

I'm not your game so don't play me
I'm not your clay so don't mould me
You used me once, you used me twice
Three times honey? Now that aint very nice

Your 15minutes is gone
Boy so is your fame
Oh did I forget to tell you
You're on the wall of shame.

by Naza George

 Posted by: Naza George

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quot-img-1“Who closes eyes to dictatorships kneels his eyelids. (Qui ferme les yeux aux dictatures - Agenouille en fait les paupières.)”

By: Charles de Leusse quot-img-1