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Have you often wondered what could be said about you,
Not as you live in this flesh,
But more importantly when mortality has taken on immortality?.
Have you given any thought to that man or woman who
will see your lifeless body?,
Would the needy you know lament your passing or curse your existence?,
What about that precious child ,would he have lost a mother or father indeed ,or would you be to him just another creature pass to the other world?.
What about the earth on whose space you filled, would you have left it a better place or the same as you met it?.
I believe that we must all give one another the privilege tp boldly read our unwritten biographies.
Life is too short to gamble with it's few days
And to live and die the same ,
i would prefer not to have been born.
So my greatest desire daily is that i may run the race
set before me until my days on earth are done.
And every man or woman must not die a common death
But must die a hero or a heroine.

by stephen victor cobbina

 Posted by: stephen victor cobbina


adjei agye baah | 8/6/2009 8:09:16 AM

very touching, it is better to live and be remembered than to be born and leave no imprints!


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