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the ten commandment of luv

if you want your luv to be soo luving tu e'rybody, try dese few things 'n' you will sth by yaself in some months. if it doesn't work then ya luv doesn't luv you 4 real

1. do not cheat on ya luv.
2. do not tourch any1 passionately apart from ya luv.
3. remember to kiss or say i luv you tu ya luv all the time.
4. do not beat ya luv or say rubbish to ya luv.
5. remember tu tell yaselfs some luv stories.
6. think 2gether if dere is a problem.
7. never talk aba ya luv tu anyone.
8. alwaz try tu 4get aba the past if dere is a li'l misunderstandin
9. tell ya luv dat he or she is precious tu you
10.alwaz make sure that ya luv is happy or ok

by maamedk

 Posted by: maamedk


Eddie Blair | 5/27/2009 5:18:23 PM

I agree with u perfectly on the ten commendment of luv.I think every individual(married or single) is complying to it,will go a long way of improving marriage and as well relationship.Thank u. I want to see more of this.

amanda amick | 9/21/2009 2:45:50 AM

I love this because it is so true


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