The life of the Sales Agent

The life of the Sales Agent
We are up to then world
To preach prosperity they don't want
We humble ourselves to meet their ego's of wants

We are up to the wise to still counsel and open their eyes wider
And to awaken the ignorants and the sleepers
To stimulate the passion within
To give hope and revise their visions within.

We are cool in the hot on the sun
Just to bring satisfaction and comfort to world
Wether rain or shine
We do our best to get to the toughest.

We pay ourselves
And challenge the company to grow.
We are the live blood of the organization
Our failure means the world is failing
Both the company and the society.
So we don't give up, just for the love of the society.
And we are comfortable to be the odd among ALL.

We are the eyes openers
Any thing seen around was sold by us.
We are the consultants of the world.
We are the best wives
We are the best husbands
We are the best pastor's
We are the walking university.
Our psychology and emotional intelligence
Is more than the Doctors.

We are sales agents
And we love our job

Author: Nketiah S.Y. Simon

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