Great Woman

Oh for a million voices to sing me carol
'' I love you, mummy''
Do it as slow as it befits greatness
For there is no such as greatness,
without women
Mum,your season is ripped already
Like the brightly colours of the morning petals
I have come to honour with priceless medals
Just to name a few and many you built in me.

You bowed to all forms of reproaches
That I may stand tall and tall
I heard stories, yet I treasure to imagine
Pregnancy and spittle
Dignity and never belittle
The great privileges I enjoy
I love you

I have come to pay the tear you shared
Calculus failed to name how much you cared
Maybe love can handle this, mum
Open up your heavenly arms, there I find peace
Your receptive smiles that heals all, cum
The advice for my future that never cease

Can't say it all, the shame
You helped me face all, the fame
Mum, I can feel your healing even now
Please forgive me, I can't settle all my debt
All you are to me, the sacrifices I refuse a bet
Even blank cheques won't do any best

If I can read, you taught me more
The alphabets, of a successful life and all
Always joining pieces, covered our shame; dressmaker
You were a herbalist too, you knew your curbs
Famine never hit our kitchen, beautiful homemaker
Mum who thought you how to trim? Such a good trimmer
You watered and refreshed me, even for all summer
Receive this token as my vote of thanks

Sometimes sick so to get me well
My errand girl, running around hell
My security, your post you never sell
I always had the best of infancy
Let me bless you with much expectancy
I love you, mammy

Tell me more, maybe I can give the world; happiness
Show me please, all to make you okay; forgiveness
Good souls never read their tribute, they say
But here you are, smile to your pay day
Kindly take strength from this amplitude
I remember my upbringing made, such a destitute
For that I have nothing enough for a good substitute

Receive from my hand, this precious mire
How you sometimes call me, ma boy, hero or sire
Mum, I have come to oil, that grey hair
I have none, only you my best pair
Oh heaven, grace my life to pour
My all onto her lap, and never sour
You gave me the greatest estate, my upbringing
I will not fight over purse or some belonging

I don't need wills
I need you to stay till
We enjoy each other on a healthy bill
You have given me enough to say, ayekoo! Great woman

Author: Ntim Gyakari


Junior | 5/7/2021 4:01:55 AM

You setting a pace

Joe Jawule | 5/8/2021 11:33:54 AM

Very Great One
Soar High!!!

Abdul Nasir | 5/8/2021 5:24:26 PM

Great I really like it


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