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Born into a family with less education but loving character,
I have learnt priceless lessons:

1. Belief doesn't make miracles, actions do;
2. Don't follow the crowd unless you are walking in different steps;
3. Education isn't everything, character is;
4. Enough isn't everything, but make everything and anything enough;
5. Family is not only by blood;
6. If you were to die today, die for the right reasons for it is only the gift anyone can give tomorrow;
7. Imperfection is not a version but a perfection in disguise;
8. Love can break down your walls, make you blind, and give you a sight to understand the reasons behind your eyes;
9. Preaching without living is more than death itself;
10. Struggles are stint darkness that prepare us for the light
11. The sun doesn't shine from the east, it shines from above, so shine from above
12. When you think Ebola is deadly, follow negative people;
13. Winners don't battle, they seize the moment;
14. You don't seek help from the wrong people, they will corrupt your righteous ways;
15. You don't have to be rich to share love, but you have to love to share riches;
16. You can't understand the world, but you can create the world from your understanding; and,
17. You can't reflect the light you won't create.

But I have also learnt the hardest truth from mama, that
BLACK and WHITE represent a common denominator of a singular identity and that whether black or white, you don't need permission to exist and chase your dreams.

By Stanley Michael Oppong

Posted by: Stanley Michael Oppong


Maame Yaa Aiah | 7/5/2020 9:17:40 PM

This poem is the best keep it up

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