A. U Day

I woke up this morning and saw these messages on my phone. From enterprise life Happy AU Day! Let's stand united and strive to develop our continent, Africa. Enterprise Life! Your Advantage! From Access bank Valued Customer, Africa is rapidly transforming, and so is our Bank. On this special occasion, we are proud to be the Bank bringing exceptional banking to you and all our customers across Africa. Happy Africa Union Day! Thank you From Prudential life Great things are achieved in unity! Happy African Union day from us at Prudential Life! From FirstTrust Bank We celebrate our continent and its unique people. Proudly African!. FirsTrust; your ideal way of banking!. GCB, IFS, ECT..... and FROM ECG Meter ID 14314040 has been blocked. Please recharge your account to resume supply. Customer Name :A. K AMEKUDZI Supply Type : Electricity Current Credit : -2.5029 不不不不不不不不不不不

Posted by: A.K. Amekudzi

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