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Motherland, finest continent of Africa,
Black owners of the land.
Land where sensation and seduction fill the heart of many,
land where resources replete in abundance.
Generation with disciplined consent,
mindful travelers remember history.
Age below Ages our ancestors dominate in our hearts,
well-mannered tribe and ethic unifies the land.
Productive history dwells on the rich soil,

Culture redefines the land,
sensational belief symbolises.
In his historic passion,
ethnicity depicts his finest richness,
tribe traces his generation.
Art craves like silver.
Festivity charms like a joyous moment.

1957, independence vacates colonial rule.
Fight for freedom victories,
Freedom enlightens.
Greed obtrude the heart,
Corruption ascents like a disease.
Leaders cry not to forgive what is theirs.
Poverty inflicts an ordinary name.
Entire continent suffer their mischief.
Africa remains developing.

by Boaz Akude

 Posted by: Boaz Akude

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