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Fatherhood: A Lonely Place

The state of fatherhood is a lonely place. In
most cultures, fathers are not expected to
express fear, frustration or any emotion at all ;and so we have

the belief that fathers are supernatural beings.
The trouble of the male begins when society
thinks a male is ready to marry because he is
of a certain age and has some job to
Naturally ,as a man,you would only be
thinking of making the money and getting all the
trendy materials in your time and living the good
But society wouldn't let you live that
dream. Soon everybody you come across would be drumming in

your ears how you should prove your
manhood by taking a wife; a man should not be alone; a thought that would scare you.

Two things could
happen to you. You are either willingly taking a wife

or some girlfriend of yours desirous of a
freedom from the parent's control would tell you she has taken a seed from you and she is holding on to it.

Then you are married.
They say when a man takes a wife his trouble
begins. Naturally ,as a man you would bend
your back to provide for your family. All you would desire is that your small family would

appreciate your sincere effort to provide for
But surprisingly, these people ,you
suffer daily for,would not appreciate your sincere efforts to do them good.

family would always compare their state of life
to others.
And if they are dissatisfied with their lives, they

would make you feel lazy and irresponsible.
Then the home becomes the place you dread most
because the people you die for each day don't
make you feel welcomed in your own home.
Then you take solace in the comfort a kiosk can provide.

You are ruined.
Those whose advice
you acted on to take a wife would now point at
you as a failure.
Fatherhood is a lonely place .
They say the monkey sweat; it is the hair at its back that makes one not to see it so.

Today if you are a
father, happy yourself.
Get your favorite
brandy, vodka, whiskey, palm wine or raise a tot to yourself at 'Maily's Bar' and drink

to your lonely life.
I am with you.
Edited: June 16, 2017. 15:01

by Paul Zowonu

 Posted by: Paul Zowonu

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