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Mother Ghana

Do you know who my mother is?
Not she who conceived and carried me in her womb
While the Lord was still moulding me.
Not she who brought me into the world with moaning and groaning
Her in whose arms I cuddled, she who gave me milk to suckle
Not she who picked me up when I fell after my first step
And wiped away all my tears
No, not she!

But SHE, the land, the earth, the location,
the vicinity where all these events occurred,
where the story of my life began
The land where I was birthed,
and will be laid down to my eternal rest.
The land that gave me my identity
My nationality, the land of you forefathers and ancestors
Yes, my mother is Ghana
Mother Ghana-she is gorgeous and gracious.
The land where mountains rise, valleys form
Rivers meander and flow
The land where eagles soar n don't glance below
The land of dense forests and canopies
With trees as tall as the eye can see
The land of wonders, the land of dreams

She is heartfelt, the warmth of her love
Is as intense as the heat of the African sun
The tightness of her embrace leaves you gasping,
asphyxiating for air
The coolness of her touch
As refreshing as the coastal breeze.
The storms and floods a testament of her wrath.

Caring and compassionate she is
She tends to all children's needs
Them she feeds.
Her rich alluvial soils
Bring forth bountiful harvests without much toil
All you have to do is plant the seed
And all other requirements she will meet

My mother is a queen,
Adorned with gold and priceless jewellery
Seated on a throne with the world at her feet
No one can compare, no one can compete
She sets the standard and raises the bar
She is the leading Lady, the pride of Africa
The mention of her name makes people tremble and shake
Her reputation precedes her-
A force to be reckoned with in every event she participates
She only strives for 1st place.
She is the sky where the black stars constellate
The sky where the satellites rotate
Where heavenly bodies come out and play

Mother Ghana, the land of diverse ethnicities
Cultures and tongues, who stood together
Fought for the freedom of their mother
Where blood was shed and brothers were slain
Where people fled and endured much suffering and pain
Just so they could possess their land once again
Call their mother their own, take back what is rightfully theirs.

Let us not make their sacrifice in vain
Now you know who my mother is
Whose blood runs through my veins
What DNA my cells contain
That's something no one can take away.
The possibilities are endless, there's no limitation that I can't overcome,

Let us unite and cling to our mother, embrace her,
Serve her and protect her.
She's the only mother we have,
Let us make her proud and not disgrace her!
We've been endowed with the responsibility of her well being
Let us never stop praying, never stop proclaiming
God bless our Mother Ghana
Now and forever!!

by Cynthia D. Danso

 Posted by: Cynthia D. Danso


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