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My Dreams

i had a dream that
those who emerged from the sagrenti war were crucified with history
in my dream i saw stones with written name that talks about mother Ghana.
I held back,
and realised there is no eraser
that can clear the good past of Kwame Nkrumah- Osagyefo by Akan.
In my dreams,
Ghana flew like a hellicopter
with its defeaning sounds that created hope in the heart of wicked and ignorant men.
In my dreams,
the pregnant Ama Ghana lost her womanhood and got wicked leaders, with ungodly acts
that push the nation to the first in history making
In my dreams,
my lovely country scared investors and created publicity for cruelty and hardship.
I woke and realised Ghana has been handcuffed and put into exile.
She speaks;
there is hope.
For my generation will give birth to success.
That is my dream.

by Atachie Richard-agbalenhrola

 Posted by: Atachie Richard-agbalenhrola


Kwadwo Ankomah | 3/12/2017 1:15:41 PM

Nice poem


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