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Words make me

Mind-read them -----

Heart-read them -----

Before you let me count on them.

I trust your judgment.

Yes, what I see in your heart's eye,

Even if not love; I don't see hate.

So mind-read -----

Heart-read -----

Before you let me count on them.


Words are so important to me,

I feed on them

But I trade not the story

In your eyes -----

My heart reads it faster

Than the ones you speak.

Confuse me not

When I see your heart;

read your lips.

For the study of the heart-eye,

the eyebrow, the tongue and chin

Never gave life but a naked walk in the park.


The voice of that portrait

gives my SELF an upside arch

--------- I so love it. I feel like water upon the Jordan -----

when that arch lands on my earth

But I won't butter trade it

For the extensions of your force


I cherish those little dancing letters

That come together to make me nod

I melt when I even see it in your heart

But when you bully your man,

Do what you write in my mind ------

I owe you all

For you make my love simple

Confuse me not ---- you know why

Because words make me; words break me.

by  eseenam Agbagedy

 Posted by:  eseenam Agbagedy

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