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Rainy Day

We lowered our louvres and watched the skies
Saw clouds on the horizon above our eyes
Smiled, at last, the rains would come
Lovers stayed in bed to cuddle
Waah! Waah! The rain descends

Farmers smiled in joy
For that is a sign to pick their tools
The hunters frowned in anger
For the rain would ruin their day
Hawkers moaned in pain as their streets get soaked

Waah! Waah! The rain still poured
No sign of giving up
Morning slowly yielded to night
Running water flooding our streets
Washing and tossing along our properties

Waah! Waah! The cry of the rain showed no mercy
And, Boom! They heard that loud sound
Could that be a roaring thunder?
Burst from a car tyre?
Nay! That is a blast from a fuel station

Sparks flaming up everywhere
Even on water like a molten magma
Burning bodies with impunity
We stand afar and watch in pain
Wishing to save, but we dare go near
Oh God! have mercy on their souls

My sincere condolence and warm heart goes to the families that lost their loved ones. May our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the disaster be given eternal peace by God. May God protect the rest of us from such disasters again. May He give us the wisdom to solve the problems to prevent future flooding and fires.

by Sadick Tuglana

 Posted by: Sadick Tuglana


richard | 7/26/2015 8:39:45 AM

u cn share it to others

Gyamfua | 8/14/2015 5:11:56 PM

Great peom this is. Thumps up Sadick


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